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10 fun facts regarding gambling

1. If you make the sum of all numbers from a roulette wheel from 1 to 36 (1+2+…36), you and up with the number 666 which is some cultures is considered to be a negative sign.

2. Roughly 39 million people visit Las Vegas each year, 65 times more than the actual population of the city (600,000 people).

3. The first online casino with real money appeared in 1994 which used software developed by a corporation based in Isle of Man and the first country to pass legislation with regards to online gambling was the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The fun fact is that the legislation in Caribbean was passed three months before the first online casino even existed.

4. By all archeological evidence available, gambling originates from China. There is solid evidence that around the year 2400 BC, a form of what we now call Kino was being played in ancient China.

5. In Las Vegas, there are 122 casinos but there are other over 1700 businesses that have the legal license to offer their clients the opportunity to gamble.

6. Despite severe and ever increasing governmental limitations, the residents of Cyprus continue to gamble roughly 2.5 billion euros per year with a population of roughly 1.1 million people. This means 2272 per person living in Cyprus. The fun fact is that Cyprus is not amongst the top 10 nations in terms of adult average loss.

7. People often see on TV that rich people go to casino and gamble and they get angry and make a sudden one million dollars bet in an instant. In reality, making bets higher than 50,000 dollars (or even 10,000 euros in some EU countries) is a very complicated process which involves contacting the casino staff prior to betting because the managers of the venue need to make a decision of whether they want to take the risk or not. Just imagine someone betting $500,000 on an event with a quota of 30.00 – this can mean bankruptcy for the venue. This is why in many cases there is also a contract involved in instances with these amounts of money involved.

8. Only 5% of those heading towards Las Vegas admit that they go there for gambling, albeit 88% of them actually end up gambling at least 100$ during their visit.

9. Roughly 70% of the Australian citizen engage at least once per year in some form of gambling.

10. In Australia, 9 out of 10 people that have an addiction to poker machines are women.

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