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10 Rules to follow when betting on tennis matches

There are some basic rules to be followed in the section dedicated to tennis matches:

Rule Nr. 1 (and the most important one): Never take decisions only based on the rank! (for example: I bet on X because he is world`s 26 player and not on Y because he is on the 78th place).
Rule Nr. 2: Pay attention to the court ( clay court, grass or others), there are players that only play good on a certain type of court.
Rule Nr. 3: Look at the games played in the previous year; see the points of the players, if one reached the quarter finals in the previous year, he needs to become better this year or he will receive less points, according to his performance.
Rule Nr. 4: Challenger tournaments or ITF (Futures) are to be avoided, here occur many surprises, there are no favorites there and some of the matches can even be fixed.
Rule Nr. 5: Analyze the current condition of each player you want to bet on, he might have been a great player last year, but there is a chance of him not throwing in a good game this year.
Rule Nr. 6: Own court can matter here too (probably not as much as in football, but it does), so look at the nationality of each player and see where the tournament is being held.
Rule Nr. 7: You should study the odds and only after they have raised place a bet, you can bet 10 – 15 minutes before the match begins.
Rule Nr. 8: Avoid betting on Russians, Ukrainians or other nationalities like these. Add to them some Italians and a few Frenchmen. If in the case of the Soviet Union we can talk about fixed matches, in the case of Italians and Frenchmen we have to consider their negligence or their lack of focus. The best examples are Tsonga and Monfils that can win any match when they feel like it. But when they are not in the mood you will see them doing trick-shots with the racket.
Rule Nr. 9: Head to head (H2H), here we have the direct matches played on which we want to bet.
Rule Nr. 10: Thoroughly analyze each player, especially for those less known and not present in the Top100. Start with their height, weight, mobility on the court, the serve and bet especially on the young and talented players that are playing well. You can anticipate the “value bets” if you discover a player like this, capable to win a match against players higher ranked than him.

Other rules for making a profit out of tennis bets:

Another important aspect we have to consider is the points offered each player (this way you can see how motivated a player is). Another method of placing tennis bets with high chances of winning are the live bets. If you do not feel confident on a certain match, you can wait for the live-stream and only after some games you can place the bet on the player that seems best.

Female players are the most unstable, so you should avoid WTA. In 95% of the cases people bet double on experienced players. You should avoid the Italian and/or Asian ITFs or Challenger tournaments.

Never bet more than you can afford. Never bet your last money, always make sure to have some extra money in the wallet.

I have heard the saying “all-in on….” but first you have to be well informed about both players, see how they play, in what condition they are and so on (and even then you can not be 100% sure).

You should always be ready to lose because in bets everything is relative, you can win today, but lose tomorrow.

Greed is not the key (even if it happens to us), try and restrain yourself as much as possible when you win, take it step by step.

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