FC Barcelona v BM Ciudad Real

Spain - Liga Asobal November 24, 2010 16:00 PM
Pick added by brize on November 24, 2010 09:06 AM
Tonight in Asobal League will meet FC Barcelona and BM Ciudad Real. Barcelona is in first place with 11 wins from 11 games, and BM Ciudad Real 2 ranks, with 11 wins from 11 games. The two are separated only by goal difference. Ciudad Real has 381 goals and 285 received, and FC Barcelona has 373 goals and 266 received. It will be a very fierce encounter, as both teams have won everything so far. In the last home game, 41-29 with FC Barcelona has become Puerto Sagunto, and Ciudad Real in the last game of travel required, 29-27 to Puerto Sagundo. Ciudad Real has managed to impose direct in the last seven games with FC Barcelona, FC Barcelona this season but I think it will be able to win the championship. This match is an important test for both teams. In this game you bet on a victory of FC Barcelona since the first inning.
Betting type: Stake: 8/10
Pick: FC Barcelona/FC Barcelona Profit: 13.6
Status:   Win
( Pick validated by brize as Win)
Odds: 2.7 (Odds offered by Gamebookers.com)
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