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3 Casino Roulette Myths

The roulette has been in casinos since late 1700s and has been played by millions, and possibly billions of people and each and one of them brought their own ideas to the game. And since there’s been more than two centuries since its introduction into casinos, a huge collection of myths have been gathered. Most of them are funny and most people laugh when they hear them but some are still considered to have ‘a seed of truth’ and the sad part is that when someone applies them, they can affect the bankroll in a negative way. So let’s examine the three most damaging ones.

1. Betting on your ‘Lucky Numbers’

Just like in sports bets, when bettors place money on their favorite squad or sportsman without any analysis, the same mistake happens in roulette where players tend to believe they have a ‘lucky number’ of their own and that if they keep on betting on that number they’ll eventually win. In the West, people believe in the ‘lucky number seven’, whilst in Scandinavia people believe in the magic circle of 9 so it’s very common to see bets made by people in these areas that involve the respective numbers or digits. Regardless of the reasons why you think a particular number or digit is the lucky one, there is no proof that a particular number can help the bettor to win more money or increase his odds.

2. They’re all the same

Especially amongst the beginning players is the assumption that it doesn’t matter which roulette game you play because they all have the same chance of winning. In online roulette, this is usually true, but on land based casinos some roulette games provide better odds of winning. For instance, American roulette offers a 5.26% house edge, whilst European roulette provides a much smaller advantage to the casino of only 2.70%.
Naturally, European roulette is the most popular, particularly for its smaller casino edge, albeit European roulette is not the most convenient for the player. The roulette game that provides the best odds for the player is French roulette which has only 1.35% casino edge.
Therefore, the roulette game you decide to play will have a major impact on your chances of making money in a casino.

3. The wheels are biased

Indeed, there have been two famous cases of people who made a fortune on roulette game with wheel bias but the fact is that as time goes by, the number of biased, off-centered roulette wheels at any given time is not larger than four in the whole world. Moreover, in order to discover a biased wheel, you would have to watch and record at least one hundred thousand spins on each wheel and even at that point it is still unlikely to find one. In a nutshell, trying to spot a biased wheel is a waste of time and at the end of the day won’t bring any profits to your pocket.

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