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3 essential elements that will help you bet like a professional bettor

Sports bets can be seen from multiple points of view. Many see them as a personal challenge and they test their knowledge regarding some sports, while some see in sports bets a mere hobby, including the professional bettors that never place a bet in a rush and always analyze the matches, they look for information, the best odds and other things like this.

In the first place, beside the analysis of a match, which is probably the most important factor when placing a bet, there are 3 essential elements that one has to consider. These are:


  • The stake
  • The type of bet
  • The odd

A thing that has to be mentioned here is that a professional bettor has a good betting strategy most of the times. You will never gain profit in the long run if you bet in a random manner, without calculus or by chance. You can find on many forums explained strategies, some of them being played by tens of bettors.

A strategy implies a calculus, match analysis and of course, discipline. Without discipline you will always remain an amateur bettor. Most panic after losing 2 or 3 bets and they no longer follow the strategy. Now let us come back to the 3 essential elements above mentioned:

The stake

This element also falls in the Bankroll management chapter, you need to know how much to bet from your bankroll allowed for bets. It is advised never to bet more than a certain percent, depending on how much you trust the bet.

For example, on a thorough analyzed match that you are sure of, you can risk up to 15% of your bankroll. Of course you will not always win, but in the long run you have nothing to lose. With common bets on well analyzed matches a professional bettor will risk from 5 to 10% of the bankroll.

Tye type of bet

This thing is linked in general to the betting strategy chosen by you. It is advised to play on Asian Handicap because here you can recover your money used in case you lose the bet. I will give an example for those that do not understand this type of betting. Instead of Over 2.5 you can play on Over 3.0 Asian Handicap at a better odd, which means that if exactly 3 goals are scored you receive your money back, but you will win much more if there are more than 3 goals scored. Likewise, on Asian Handicap you can use however you want the odds offered, be it balanced or not.

If you play a single ticket, it is recommended to choose Host Team -0.5, -1.0 Asian Handicap at a considerable high odd. As I have previously said, the type of bet depends on the strategy you use. Below you have a list with the types of bets we recommend you to play.

  • Small odds: Double chance, First Half or Second Half, Over 1.5 goals, Favorite team scores
  • Attractive odds: Asian Handicap odds, Over/Under (on Asian Handicap)

Pay attention ! Asian Handicap is one of the keys of success when it comes to sports betting, it is offered only by online bookmakers !

The odd

You have to consider the odd that the bookmaker offers. Over the internet you can find online bookmakers that offer some of the best odds.

In order to make the bet worth the risk, the odd has to be minimum 1.40, this means a winning of minimum 40%. Of course, choosing the pick depends on the strategy used, you can find a better odd by choosing to bet on Asian Handicap. You have to keep in mind that the bookmaker has a fee for every bet won. The types of bets presented above do not contain fees or taxes.

It is recommended to look over the offer of more bookmakers before placing a bet, so to bet on a particular match at the bookmaker that offers the highest odd. It is normal, every bettor wants to earn more.

As a summary, here are the essential things you have to consider in order to become a professional bettor and gain profit in the long term.

  • Have a strategy in mind
  • Follow the strategy
  • Discipline
  • Analyze as best as possible the match and take into consideration the information found, starting with the weather conditions and ending with the ranks and the probable teams
  • Be careful at the stake
  • Choose the most convenient type of bet
  • Try to find the best odd for the bet chosen, choosing the bookmakers that offer the highest odds
  • Keep a betting journal, so as to know what mistakes you made and never to repeat then in the future

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