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3 Myths about Baccarat

Baccarat has constantly been perceived as a stylish game for the wealthy albeit it’s amongst the simplest games in casinos, considering the fact that there are only 3 bets (player, banker and tie) and winning at this game is facile and requires little to no previous knowledge or skill. As this game became more popular after the rapid development of online gambling, several myths have emerged that supposedly increase the chance of winning at this game. So let’s evaluate and debunk the three of them that can be heard most often around a venue where baccarat is being played.

1. There are repetitive patterns in Baccarat

In fact, baccarat, like blackjack, has no pattern whatsoever and those who watch for any kind of pattern can only end up wasting their time. The only pattern that indeed exists is the one that usually the banker wins more than the player, but this is due to casino edge and not because any pattern exists embedded into the game itself. Basically, any kind of pattern that you think you’ve noticed during the game is in fact a misconception and this can be proven anywhere and anytime because nobody has ever increased his or her odds of winning.

2. Counting the cards increases the odds of winning

Baccarat uses the same deck as Blackjack and this can lead some players into thinking that counting the cards will help them. Indeed, in blackjack, counting the cards might help the player in some special instances but in baccarat, counting the cards is a waste of time. In blackjack, the used cards are returned to the shoe and by counting, the player can know which cards can appear in further play and which ones aren’t. Also, in blackjack, the players get the chance of changing their bets during a hand which provides a further obvious advantage for the one counting the cards. However, all these do not happen in baccarat and thus counting the cards provides no competitive advantage whatsoever for the one doing that.

3. Betting strategies depending on propensities of wins

Some players are obsessed with betting strategies that supposedly increase one’s odds to winning. Some other players have their own betting strategy depending on superstitions – like, for instance, betting with another player if they’ve just won the previous bet for fringe reasons such as ‘the collective luck’ that allegedly influences the luck of the entire game. In fact, the only good advice in betting in baccarat is to go more often on ‘banker bet’ because, as stated above, the banker has an edge over the players and thus the chances of the banker to win are slightly larger than any other combination.

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