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3 sports to bet just for fun

1. Handball.

Handball is a sport that is being played indoors using the hands and a ball and has similar rules with football (soccer). If you are from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe (particularly Russia, Romania, former Yugoslav space and Hungary), most likely betting on handball events is not only for fun as this sport is popular, performing and has a long tradition in these areas.

Particularly in the aforementioned areas, handball is popular both as women’s sports and as men’s sports. For instance, the most performing squads in women’s section are Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea (Romania), Gyor (Hungary) and Krim Ljubliana (Slovenia) albeit, often times it happens, in the lower European competitions (in handball there are a lot of euro-cups) to have four Romanian squads in the semi-finals.
The situation is not similar in men’s handball where the Swedes and the Spanish are dominating, albeit, from time to time, a German, Macedonian or a Romanian squad interrupts the Spanish domination.
The point is that handball is a competitive sport and requires a similar analysis with football and, at the end of the day, it can raise the same emotion to the gambler when watching a game. The only problem is that it’s less present in mainstream media in terms of news and analysis and thus it’s more difficult for the people to be informed about all the details surrounding a squad.

2. Darts

In comparison with handball, darts is indeed a fringe sport that gets to be even less promoted.
Some of you might have remotely heard about Phil Taylor or John Part as they won some prestigious competitions in the last years but, overall, darts is amongst the countless individual sports that do not enjoy a large scale promotion in the mainstream media. As a result of this, sometimes some valuable players tend to lose interest and thus a lot of surprises can occur which are, indeed, a gambler’s worst nightmare.
This is the reason why we recommend betting on darts only for fun. You can bet on all the darts events for fun at this this online sports betting website and receive a fantastic 100 EUR bonus!

3. Gaelic football

There are little to no chances of ever hearing about this sport unless you’re from the UK.
Basically, Gaelic football is a mixture between football (soccer) and rugby – they have a net (like in soccer) and also a crossbar (like in rugby) and a team can score a point (like in rugby) and/or a goal (like in soccer).

This sport should be bet on only for fun because it’s amongst the only sports in the world that is still on amateur level and all the players, staff and managers are prohibited from receiving any form of payment.
Albeit this sport sometimes draws tens of thousands of people on a stadium, it is still an amateur sport and this means that no bet is safe and the performances of the squad can vary drastically from one match to another depending on factors that cannot be known to the gamblers.

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