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5 principles that will help you win more at live betting

Live bets can be extremely interesting and quite profitable, especially when the bettor has the chance to see the match and observe the way in which it is being played, with the ups and the downs. He can decide whether to bet on that sport event or not, according to the things he analyzes throughout the game. It can be a profitable method of betting, but it can also be a dangerous one because people bet by instinct, without giving it too much thought or analyzing the right things. In order to successfully bet live you should follow 5 basic principles, without which one should not place a bet.

The 5 principles for betting live are the following:

  • Follow the matches: Live bets offer the bettors the unique chance of following a match and observing how it is being played before placing a bet. Try to use this aspect to your advantage. There are numerous things that you can anticipate and you should take advantage of it if you want to win more bets.
  • Place pick only on the sports events you follow: It is extremely important to know the sport on which you want to bet and you should constantly watch the events. If you know the sport at hand, it would not take you that much time to anticipate things and to draw some conclusions. This principle is one of the golden rules of live betting and you should always consider it.
  • Try to avoid wrong consecutive bets: At online bookmakers and especially at live bets you can find many interesting offers with extremely advantageous odds. Bettors are fascinated by these things and they give up the analysis to place a bet, looking for a bigger odd. This is one of the biggest mistakes, because once the bet is lost they will try to find a bigger odd to recover the losses. Having so many opportunities can be a disadvantage for inpatient bettors, they can lose their money within minutes. So, be careful and try to place fewer bets but safer ones in order to constantly win.
  • Money management: When you have stared making profit it is advised to withdraw part of the sum, or at least to properly manage them, without raising the stakes too high. Try to always use the same bankroll, this is the safest method to gain more on the long term.
  • Risk /benefits: In case of live bets you are forced to take immediate decisions, within a few minutes or even faster so you should react in a short period of time, but be aware of the risks and the benefits that this type of bet can bring you. Try to establish a ratio between the risk and the benefit and only afterwards take the decision whether to place the bet or not. The odds constantly chance and really fast, so you do not have that much time to analyze the match. It is more profitable to win a bet with a high stake, but on a safer odd than to risk on high odds.

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