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What do people look for when they are looking at backgammon sites where they might like to play? Anyone who’s ever met serious backgammon players know that they can be very demanding about what they want in their game location. And rightly so. Backgammon is a game of skill even more than a game of luck. Of course there is luck involved. There would have to be because the game is played with dice. The skill comes in knowing how to move the checkers according to the dice rolls.

Review Bonus % Official Website
BgRoom BgRoom 100 $ 30 www.bgroom.com
Partygammon Partygammon 100$ 50 www.partygammon.com
William Hill Backgammon William Hill Backgammon £20 100 www.williamhill.com
Backgammon Masters 200$ 100 www.backgammonmasters.com
Unibet Backgammon Unibet Backgammon - - www.unibet.com
Ladbrokes Backgammon Ladbrokes Backgammon - - www.ladbrokes.com
Paf Backgammon Paf Backgammon - - www.paf.com
Play65 Play65 - - Can’t play for money, check BgRoom.
Betoto Backgammon Betoto Backgammon - - Not recommended, check BgRoom.
Bwin Backgammon Bwin Backgammon - - Not recommended, check BgRoom.
Gammon Empire Gammon Empire - - Can’t play for money, check BgRoom.

Sometimes the dice really do seem to be against a player and if you were dancing and trying to get back in, the dice can either give you the exact roll you want or they can keep you dancing through a couple of dozen rolls. All the skill the world will not help you then. Sometimes the dice are with you and you get all the doubles you want just when you need them. The dice can be fickle. The dice also have no memory so you can’t take it personally when they go against you. It literally is just the roll of the dice.

Serious backgammon players maximize their skill level to compensate for the fickle dice. When they play online, they are looking for backgammon sites that provide a comfortable and technologically sound environment. It is essential that the crazy dice rolls that do show up from time to time, even off-line, are the result of the dice being the dice not of some sort of glitch in the technology.
In backgammon sites online players have a lot of choices. You can play for leisure or practice and online you can also play for money. You can play against computers or play against other people. If you are playing against other people, you can play for rankings.

If your main interest is playing backgammon for the fun of it, then your best bet in backgammon sites are places like MSN’s Zone, Pogo and Yahoo. Something else that you can do here is to meet some of your off-line backgammon buddies for one-on-one matches from time to time. One of the most popular backgammon sites was Games Grid. It had a small membership fee and a loyal membership base.  However it was incorporated into Game Account where you can now play for money.

Some of the other backgammon sites that are among the most popular include Prime Backgammon, Motif Backgammon and Fibzilla.  Fibzilla allows you to play against the machine as much as you want and you can also play against other people. Fibzilla started out as 3DFibs. 3DFibs is an offspring of the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS). FIBS began in 1992 when the internet was barely underway. Another good site is Gammon Site. This is a dedicated and free backgammon site. You can play for rankings as well as play against the world’s top players. It also offers Nackgammon, Hypergammon, and LongGammon.

If you are interested in money play, one of the top backgammon sites is Play65 which has about 7,000 players. BGRoom and PartyBackgammon (at partygammon.com) are also great places to play for money. A few others that are worth mentioning are Backgammon Masters, Java Gammon and HC-Gammon.

For those new to backgammon, take the time to read some online articles about the strategies that will maximize your chance of winning and be sure to check out as many of the backgammon sites as you can find. Remember that one person’s favorite site might not be your favorite type of site. There are a lot of backgammon sites with numerous different options in terms of tournaments, stakes, and games.

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