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All online bingo halls

Bingo as it is played online comes in two basic forms. There is 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. In England, Australia, and Japan 90 ball bingo is all the rage. In the United States, there are more 75 ball bingo players in the bingo halls. In 1530 a game called lotto was developed in Italy and it is the direct ancestor of 90 ball bingo. This game was popular in England as well as the rest of Europe in the years since 1530. Late in the 1920s a carnival worker saw the game being played in England and thought that it would be a very popular game to bring to the United States.

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The carnival man modified the game and designed a slightly different format of card and instead of having people mark off the numbers that were called, he had the players use dried beans to cover their numbers when they were called. The winner called out beano when the line was filled. He named this game Beano. At this time bingo halls did not even exist. The game bingo did not exist. At least not as we know it today.

When a toymaker saw this game being played slightly before Christmas, 1929, he brought it to the world. It wasn’t a very long journey to take it from the carnival game of Beano to the bingo halls that began to emerge in so many churches and so many nonprofit organizations. It developed a reputation as a fantastic fundraiser. The popularity of the game captured the imagination of Americans and before long, dedicated bingo halls were being built all over the country. Ironically, bingo which developed from lotto in England in the late 1920s made its way back to England in the 1960s.

One of the points of this history of bingo as we know it is that bingo always seemed to change to suit the times. It also has a long history because the game is intrinsically appealing and interesting. When the Internet with the World Wide Web began to be part of the daily life of the world, early programmers and entrepreneurs saw the benefit of the web as a great place to play popular games. Bingo was among the first of the games to appear on the Internet.

Site owners were very clever in setting up these early online bingo halls. While they couldn’t duplicate the thick smoky atmosphere that was – at least in the pre-smoking ban days – part of the off-line bingo experience, they could duplicate the background sound and the ability to chat with your fellow players. The chat part of bingo halls has allowed for friendships to grow between bingo players from around the world.

Most bingo halls offer players the option of playing for free or playing for money. There are some online bingo games that are entirely free but the really popular ones offer money games as well. Online bingo halls are not expensive places to play. Some games cost as little as $.50. In spite of the low costs of individual games, every day millions of dollars are spent in bingo halls online. It only makes sense that bingo is such a very popular game. There is a logic to it as well as simplicity.

The ability to play bingo any time during the day or night from the comfort of your own home, even your pajamas, just adds to the immense popularity of the new form of bingo halls. As technology improves, these bingo halls become even more fun and there are always new special offers.

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