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All there is to know about the Keno game

At first sight, Keno seems an extremely easy game. This game consists in 80 numbers, from which 20 are called, this means you have a chance of winning of 3 to 1. The more numbers you choose, the harder it ...

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Blackjack card counting techniques

There are many players that prefer to play blackjack in the detriment of other games of chance, such as the roulette, slots machines and so on. Moreover, they say that for this game it is more about the mathematics and ...

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Bonuses available at Sportingbet

Sportingbet (open an account now) is at this moment without any doubt in the top of the best online bookmakers in Europe, but they also have to offer other platforms of high quality such as the poker or casino games ...

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What are the best top 10 movies made about gambling?

Gambling and casinos was always an interesting subject for movie directors. The excitement of the games combined with charismatics actors in the main role created over the time some great movies. In the next article I want to present you ...

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What are the prop bets and how do they work?

Proposition bet, also known as prop bet, refers to a bet made considering the probability of occurrence or non-occurrence, during a gambling game or an event that is not directly related with the gambling games and their final outcomes. Another ...

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