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The connection between gambling and investment

Is gambling investing? Both gambling and investment are based on the same principle: wagering on events that you expect to happen. The more unlikely that event is to happen, the greater the reward is if that event occurs. An argument ...

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Everything you need to know about Craps

Craps is a popular dice game played with two dices in which people gamble on what the dice will show after the player will roll them. They bet against each other or a back if they are playing in a ...

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The history of Casinos

Casinos are places in which you can go and take part in gambling activities. These casinos offer their costumers a large variety of gambling games and other entertaining activities. The big casinos are found near hotels, restaurants, on cruise ships ...

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The game of blackjack

Blackjack or twenty one for the Europeans is one of the most played gambling card games played in casinos but also at home. Blackjack is a card game played with regular poker card except the joker card, in which you ...

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Adages about gambling

In every culture one can notice that there’s an old saw about pretty much everything and those old saws reflect both the mentality of that particular culture and the way common sense is applied in that culture. Therefore, there should ...

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3 Casino Roulette Myths

The roulette has been in casinos since late 1700s and has been played by millions, and possibly billions of people and each and one of them brought their own ideas to the game. And since there’s been more than two ...

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3 Myths about Baccarat

Baccarat has constantly been perceived as a stylish game for the wealthy albeit it’s amongst the simplest games in casinos, considering the fact that there are only 3 bets (player, banker and tie) and winning at this game is facile ...

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7 signs of gambling addiction

Albeit the phenomenon of gambling addiction affects less than 1% of those that regularly engage in gambling, this issue is a serious one and has devastating consequences on the individuals that don’t seek help the moment the addiction becomes obvious. ...

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10 fun facts regarding gambling

1. If you make the sum of all numbers from a roulette wheel from 1 to 36 (1+2+…36), you and up with the number 666 which is some cultures is considered to be a negative sign. 2. Roughly 39 million ...

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Avoiding casino traps

Casinos set traps to the gamblers in order to make sure that the revenue keeps flowing from the players to the casinos. And by ‘traps’ we don’t mean big time complicate conspiracies but rather simple things that in the end ...

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