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How can you play online rummy games for free

For many players finding the time to play all of their Rummy games often seems like a daunting task due to busy work schedules or just finding the right people to play with can be a challenge. Fortunately with Online ...

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How to play Oklahoma Gin – Rummy card games

The game of Oklahoma Gin is a variation of the normal Gin game and while it has several characteristics to other Rummy games, it is also very unique in its rules that help to set it apart from other similar ...

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How to play Mahjong

The game of Mahjong – which is often referred to as either Majian, Mah jong, Mah jonhh or even Mahjongg – is a very popular game that is enjoyed by players all around the world. Rummy Royal is a great site ...

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How to play Kalooki 51 – Rummy card games

Kalooki 51 has recently become one of the most popular Rummy games found on the online site Rummy Royal. Those individuals who are just learning how to play the game can benefit from playing for free on this particular website. It ...

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How to play Kalooki 40 – Rummy card games

For nearly two centuries the game of Kalooki 40 has continued to entertain those who played it. This game is one of the popular forms of Rummy games which are huge in the UK and surrounding areas. For those individuals who ...

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How to play the rummy game

Those who are new to the game and wondering how to play Rummy can easily and quickly find out how by playing for free on Rummy Royal. This site offers a variety of Rummy games including the traditional game. You can ...

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How to play Gin Rummy – Card games

For decades the game of Gin Rummy has been extremely popular and originated back to New York in the 19th Century and derives from the original creator’s favorite drink. This particular game shares some of the similarities with other Rummy games ...

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How to play Canasta – Rummy card games

The game of Canasta is one of the most popular forms of Rummy that has been played for decades and continues to draw in new players every year. You can often find many different variations of the game depending on where ...

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How to play Burraco – Rummy card games

Buracco is a very exciting game that many people are just now learning how to play. Those who have never played it can learn this particular game as well as others for free by playing on Rummy Royal. As a new ...

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About rummy games and rummy rules

Rummy is a card game that is loved and played by thousands of individuals from all around the world. The game is one of those classic card games that have entertained families, couples, groups and others for the last century and ...

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