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Asian handicap in betting

Handicapping is quite interesting and rewarding too, provided you know how it works, which means you should have an excellent knowledge of asian handicap in betting. As its name implies, Asian Handicaps came into existence from the Far East where this kind of betting is highly popular among punters. It became such a widespread betting system that soon its popularity reached the western world where it was adopted by many bookmakers for the interest of their users. These bets are a type of handicap generally offered in soccer games. Commonly you would bet on a home win, away win or a draw, but in an Asian Handicap the draw is eliminated, giving both the teams an equal chance of winning the game.

Basically, this is a type of betting form where the supposed vulnerable team or the underdogs are offered a certain number of goals head start. The stronger team – or the favourites – has handicapped that number of goals in order to make both the teams even. To win, the favourites must overcome the handicap from their final score. However, if both playing teams have equal abilities, no handicap is set on either team. So you are not actually betting on which team will win or lose or whether the match will be a draw, instead you are betting on a team that you think can overcome the Asian Handicap.

There are ways in which the teams can be handicapped including quarter and half goals to ensure that the teams have been put on an equal pedestal and have a 50-50 chance of winning the match. One of the flukes of this kind of handicap betting is that one can get back their stake if they do not get the expected results. There are two types of Asian Handicaps: the Single and the Double Asian Handicap. At first, the handicap may seem difficult to understand, as it is represented in various ways. Some examples include the 0 Asian Handicap where both playing teams are equally powerful and you win your bet if the team you have placed your bet on wins. If the game draws, your stake will be returned to you.

Next is the –1 handicap, where in order for you to win the bet, the team must score at least two goals. If it wins by just one goal, your stake will be returned. In case the team you choose to bet on has a +1 lead, you will win your bet and be able to double your money if the team wins by two goals; but if it wins by only one goal, your stake will be returned. Betting on this Asian Handicap is profitable if you are backing an underdog because even if your prediction is incorrect and the team is able to limit its defeat to one goal, you will not lose. However, if the favourites win by two or more goals, you could lose the bet. Another example is of a bet where the weaker team has a +1.5 goal head start. If you are backing the favourites, your team needs to score two goals for your bet to win. In case you wish to back the underdogs, your bet wins if the team wins or draws and you also win if it loses by one goal.

These were examples of the single Asian Handicap. Now let us look at some representations of the double handicap. In this kind of handicap the bet is usually split into half and commonly expressed in decimals. For example the level half Asian Handicap is represented as –0.25 (0,-0.5) and +0.25 (0,+0.5). In the first handicap, your bet wins if the team you are backing wins by one or more goals. In case there is a draw, you lose half your stake, while the other half is refunded (also called a push). In the second case (0,+0.5), you win if the team you have bet on wins. In case it draws, half your stake is returned while the other half wins at the odds taken.

Similarly in the Asian Handicap +1,+1.5, if  you are backing the underdogs, your bet will win if the favourites win only by one goal and if they draw, half your stake will be refunded. In case the underdogs win the match, the second half of the stake will be returned doubled. However, if the favourites win by two or more goals, the punter will lose both bets. There are several other representations of this kind of handicap and studying these examples carefully can help beginners pick up clues as to how the Asian Handicap works. The odds set by bookmakers on such handicaps may vary considerably, but their basic profit is kept low as compared to a full 90 minutes match that includes the draw. This is also why they are referred to as value bets.

There are some online bookmakers that provide live betting on an Asian Handicap. When you are betting live, you are generally betting on the expected score in the remaining match from the time you have placed your bet instead of the total score in the full 90 minute game. The goals scored before your bet do not influence the result of your bet. All online bookmakers do not offer the Asian Handicap, so if you intend to play it, you must first locate the bookmakers that offer you this bet.

To round up the advantages of this betting type, we can say that it is a profitable betting option provided you can handle it sensibly. Remember you are betting on two outcomes instead of the usual three. You could win or lose half of your stake or even get your stake refunded or in some cases even lose all of it. As a beginner, you are certainly going to have a tough time trying to work out how the system works, but gradually you will learn how to bet on the Asian Handicap with success. It is certainly not a bet for the novice who is still trying to understand how betting works, but for the experienced, the handicap could turn out to be quite rewarding.

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  1. Thanks for your explanation of asian handicap! Just one question, how do you pick the best handicap? Is it merely guess work in terms of goal margin? Often my mistake is overestimating the goals that a team can score especially when the odds are pretty tasty. After all, that’s the best thing about handicap, right, it raises the odds?

  2. They rise odds if you play handicaps like Team X -1, but if you play Handicap 0, is like a Draw No Bet option, you get your money back if the game ends draw.

    Asian Handicaps offers smaller odds as most of the time are safer bets. Sometimes they split the stake in more bets to be more safe. Read again the article to understand better what an asian handicap mean.

    The secret of choosing the right bets does not exist. We will have soon more articles about how to choose the right bets.

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