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Avoid the most common errors made by people when starting to bet on sports

There are many people that make mistakes when they begin to bet online and these mistakes lead to the loss of the entire bankroll in a relatively short period of time. You have below some mistakes that have to be avoided in order to raise your chances of winning when you bet online.

1 Never bet without informing yourself – you should check several times any pick you might want to play and we are not referring to a simple reading of the rank, the shape of the players and direct matches. You might discover details that will change your opinion about the pick.

2 Never bet if you are not in the mood for it - there is a possibility we might be misunderstood, but we simply refer to the situations in which you are preoccupied with other stuff and you can not concentrate on analyzing the picks offered.

3 Do not be fooled by live bets - in the live betting offer of bookmakers you will find tens of events that look absolutely wonderful. Never bet on everything you see there unless you follow the event. The bookmakers have trained men that do this thing and if you bet on a match just because Real Madrid plays against Osasuna and you see a high odd for the victory of Real , then it probably means they have good reasons for offering this odd (Real is not playing that good anymore or Osasuna plays really good).

4 Never play a high percent of your bankroll – it is advised to play only 5% of your bankroll on a bet. Even if you succeed in a series of bets, never throw in a stake larger than usual, you might lose. The reverse situation applies, if you have a series of five lost bets, it does not mean that the sixth will be a winning one. Many think like this “I have lost x bets, I am not losing this one”.

5 Never bet on matches from any sport/championship – limit yourself to only a few championships (football) or 1-2 sports. Knowing the teams better you will raise your chances of winning. On international bookmakers it is recommended to know 1 – 2 championships. We know it is hard to place only 4-5 bets per week, but when you do the math at the end of a season the chances for having more money in your account raise considerably, of course with the condition of following the matches from that championship.

What you only need to do now to is to avoid these errors that any beginner bettor can do from not understanding the betting system.

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