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Avoiding casino traps

Casinos set traps to the gamblers in order to make sure that the revenue keeps flowing from the players to the casinos. And by ‘traps’ we don’t mean big time complicate conspiracies but rather simple things that in the end make a casino be successful.
Knowing these traps beforehand can help you save money and keep your profits that you make inside that casino. So here is a short list of little things that can represent an enormous danger towards the gambler’s bankroll if not taken into account.

1. Valuing money

One of the reasons why casinos use chips and tokens instead of real money is for convenience and security, both for the casino and for the players themselves because a casino chip cannot be converted into real money if it’s stolen.
However, using chips also makes the gambler to forget that he’s gambling real money. Basically the human psyche has a moment of confusion when dealing with chips instead of real cash and thus, for the moment, the individual tends to devalue the money that’s being spent in that particular game. Therefore, one must always keep track of the fact that electronic tokens and chips indeed do represent hard-earned money.

2. Free drinks

When it comes to casinos, one must always take into consideration that nothing is in fact entirely ‘free’ no matter how much one might try to convince you otherwise. Amongst the ‘free’ things you get when gambling in a casino are the free drinks and, of course, the longer you gamble, the more free drinks you get.
This might seem a good deal considering that most of them have a good taste. However, most of them also contain alcohol. For this reason, one must take good care of himself and how many free drinks he accepts because this usually ends up bad for one’s bankroll because the more intoxicated a person is, the more that person is likely to make bad judgments when placing bets.

3. Keep track of time

If you pay attention when looking around a casino, you’ll probably see no transparent window and no clocks thus making it difficult to keep track of time. This aspect, in correlation with the free drinks and fast rhythm of the games in casinos, make the people loose track of time and, the more one stays in a casino, the more money that will be spending there.
Therefore, it’s recommended to bring your own watch and constantly keep track of time and respect your schedule and your bankroll management plan.

And the last but the most important tip to avoid casino traps is to start playing at online casinos – because there are no traps and you have way more advantages! 
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