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Banker betting and the rules for these types of bets

 The banker bets are those bets in which we choose one or more tips as single and the rest we play in a system. The tips selected as banker need to be correct in order for you to have a winning slip.

In order to place banker bets at Bet365.com you need to follow certain steps:

1. Choose all the tips you wish to bet on.

2. On the betting slip you have the option Standard selected (above the selections). Click on it and change it in the “Banker” mode.

3. Choose the banker bets wanted by checking the “B” letter in front of them.

4. You will be shown all the options with the banker bets selected from which you should choose the one you want. For example, for a slip with two banker bets and other tips beside these, you have 2B + 1/4, 2B + 2/4, 2B + 3/4 and 2B + 4/4 (the latter being a classical multiple slip). “2B” represents the number of the banker tips and 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 represents the minimum number of tips you need to win in order to win the entire slip. If you choose 2/4 besides the two banker tips, you need at least two winning slips for the slip to be a winning one.

5. Write the stake on the slip. Pay attention, the total stake will be divided with the number written in front of “@”. For example at 2B + 2/4 you have in the box near it written “[email protected]”. This means that there you need to write 10 if the stake for each bet will be of 10 and the total stake will be there of 10×6. You should know this aspect because it is different for those that have just stared to bet at Bet365. If at the offline bookmakers you say the total stake, here you should write the stake on each tip.

6. After choosing the wanted slip and after you have written the stake, click on the “Bet” button and the bet is placed.

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