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Regulation: 64% of Canadians Acknowledge the Advantages of Gambling in the Country.

Cover image for post Survey: Canadians Believe Regulation Is Positive
Survey: Canadians Believe Regulation Is Positive
Regulation: 64% of Canadians See Benefits from Betting in the Country

A groundbreaking survey, commissioned by MyBetInfo Canada and conducted by Opinion Box, reveals that 64% of Canadians hold the belief that the official regulation of sports betting in Canada, ratified on Tuesday (25) by President Justin Trudeau through a Provisional Measure, will bring forth advantageous outcomes for the nation.

According to the survey, the observed benefits are primarily:

  • Increased confidence in accessing gambling websites (42%) has been recorded.
  • increased safety for bettors (40%);
  • The transparency of information provided by the houses is at 39%.
Source: My Bet Info and Opinion Box

When it comes to the assessment of fraud perceptions, 45% of individuals hold the belief that they will witness a reduction, whereas a notable 22% remain skeptical about any change occurring within this context. Regarding security, a significant 44% express their confidence in an increase in safety post-regulation, while an additional 32% adopt a neutral standpoint.

Another aspect highlighted in the study concerns tax collection, which is one of the key points of the regulation approved through the provisional measure. Additionally, the research delves into the topic of tax revenue, a central focus of the approved regulation via the MP. Furthermore, the study addresses the issue of tax generation, a crucial element of the regulatory framework enacted through the provisional measure. Moreover, the survey examines the matter of tax levies, a pivotal aspect of the adopted regulations via the MP. Lastly, the research explores the subject of tax income, a fundamental point of the endorsed regulation through the provisional measure.

In the survey, a majority of 58% of respondents agree that regulating operators would enable more taxes to be channeled towards societal benefits. Conversely, 17% disagree with this statement.

For 47% of Canadians, a well-defined market with clear regulations can contribute to the growth of businesses in the country. Moreover, 37% of the respondents hold the belief that job creation will increase following the implementation of regulations.

Source: My Bet Info and Opinion Box

Half of the bettors are unlikely to alter their habits following regulation.

Among regular bettors, 54% have expressed their intention to continue wagering as they have been, while 31% have indicated a desire to reduce the frequency of their bets.

Source: My Bet Info and Opinion Box

A significant portion of those who are not currently betting do not hold a firm opinion on the matter, and among those who do, 34% have no intention of altering this habit. Many individuals remain undecided about the present circumstances, while others who have formed an opinion choose to maintain their current approach.

Believing that with the regulation of sports betting websites/apps, companies will be headquartered in Canada, 37% of Canadians believe that this will contribute to job creation in the country. Additionally, 55% are of the opinion that the number of people engaging in betting will increase with the implementation of regulations.

Read the entire research study:


A total of 501 adult Canadians were interviewed, spanning across all socio-economic classes and residing in the five major regions of the country. Among them, 51% were female, while 49% were male.

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