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Best backgammon sites

When we start talking about playing backgammon online and want to offer advice on where to go for the best backgammon sites, the big question is whether to start with a list of the sites themselves or to give an overview of the types of sites. Ultimately it does not matter where we start. So let’s take a look at the ways you can play backgammon online and then some of the sites that meet your needs when it comes to backgammon.

Backgammon is a hugely popular game and it offers people hours and days of fun while challenging them to think. Online you can play for pleasure or money. If you opt to play for pleasure or practice, there are sites where you can play against robots or you can play against other people. If you choose to play against other people, you can play for fun, for rankings, or for money.

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For free games where you play for fun, your best bets are MSN’s Zone. You have choices here – robots, random people, matches or arranged matches with your friends who also have accounts at the Zone. You may only use this for the latter as in the random matches sometimes players just up and leave you in the middle of a game. Especially if things are not going well for them. Pogo and Yahoo are very similar and in the same way – and the quality and consistency of play is erratic here. This might be overly sensitive but you should take backgammon very seriously and consider it just plain rude to leave the table before the game is finished. However, these are great spots for prearranged games with old backgammon buddies. And the matches are fun.

I used to play at Games Grid and it was one of the best backgammon sites. There was a small membership fee and tournaments and ladders and a place to meet old friends and make new ones and play all day and all night if you liked. However, alas, Games Grid is no more. It was incorporated into Game Account where you can register and play for money. Then there is Prime Backgammon at Back-gammon.

Motif Backgammon and Fibzilla – among the best backgammon sites – are great for improving your game as you can play against the machine to your heart’s content. With Fibzilla, you can also play against other people. Use these for times when you cannot sleep and want to play. Fibzilla used to be 3DFibs. And this brings you to the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS). This was indeed the first internet backgammon server and it started in 1992, in the very early days of the internet. People telnetted in and felt overjoyed to be able to play backgammon 24/7. Bit by bit the old software is being phased out or updated (likes 3DFibs going to Fibzilla).

Games Grid mentioned above was begun in 1996. Its look has morphed into something different. Netgammon also started in 1996 and it is still there but the site is not helpful and you cannot find a way to get into the English version of the site and some of the graphics do not show up. It does not inspire confidence. Game Colony started in 2000 and it is still hanging on – mostly for ladder play. It’s not a huge site, but there are usually 700 or 800 players there. Backgammon is just one of the games at this site.

Gammon Site is a dedicated and free backgammon site – one of the best backgammon sites – that has been around since 2000. You can get a membership and played for rankings and play against the top players in the world. It is kind of reminiscent of the old Games Grid days. You can also play Nackgammon, Hypergammon, and LongGammon. And you can import games into Snowie or Jellyfish for some serious analysis of your mistakes.

There is something that is interesting about backgammon online and that is how many people learn the moves and the rules but then hop right into the money games online without realizing that even though it is a game of dice, there is a lot of skill involved. That is why this is a discussion of free and competitive best backgammon sites online.

However if you are ready for some serious backgammon money play, one of the best backgammon sites is Play65. It bills itself as the largest backgammon online. Tipically, there are nearly 7,000 players. You can play free or play for money. It’s browser based so you don’t have to download any software. One of the real pluses with Play65 is that you get a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit to a maximum of $500.

Another site that ranks among the best backgammon sites is BgRoom.com   You get $5 just for registering for the site. There are other bonuses as you make deposits but getting a little tip just for signing up is a real nice treat. The game is available in several languages. You have to download software and choose your language. It refers to itself as one of the biggest backgammon sites online. It offers customer service around the clock.

Another favorite is PartyBackgammon (or partygammon.com as it is known too) which boasts the distinction of being listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is a very well run site with 24 hour customer services, downloadable software and bonuses.

There are a couple of other sites worth mentioning – one is Backgammon Masters where you can play for fun and money. For some reason it does not seem to have the pizzazz that the above mentioned three sites have. And for anyone nostalgic about past best backgammon sites that are stuck in time – which is okay as they are free play sites – check out Java Gammon and HC-Gammon.

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