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Best poker winners – See how much money they won

It is known that poker is a game in which you can earn, but also lose important sums of money. How much money you make is based on how good you are at this game. When it comes to poker, being a gambling game, people say that you need luck to win and to gain money, a thing which is not correct from my point of view. If you believe that luck is what you need to become a great poker player you are wrong and this thing is proven by the fact that every year at the final tables in the biggest tournaments are the same players. They are the men that have made a fortune out of poker and luck has nothing to do with it. So when it comes to making money on poker these guys are the best.

  1. Antonio Esfandiari – a player born in Iran which then moved to America where he found poker and started to play it at the age of 20. He won at poker 23.500.000 $ at the tournaments he was in. His favorite game is Texas Hold’em, and he had finished on the first place six times wining also three WSOP bracelets.
  2. Sam Trickett – a player from Nottingham, United Kingdom, he won 18.171.124$ at poker. He managed to finish on first place, nine times, at only the age of 26. He started playing poker in 2003 and his favorite game is the NL hold’em
  3. Daniel Negreanu – now lives in the USA but he is native from Toronto. He won at poker 18.285.048$. He started playing poker at the age of 15 and managed to finish on first place 35 times and won five WSOP Bracelets until the age of 38. His favorite games is NL Omaha.
  4. Erik Seidel – a true New Yorker, born and raised there, he won 17.640.701 $ at poker. Erik has finished on first place 23 times and has 8 WSOP Bracelets.
  5. Phill Hellmuth – a player from Wisconsin, being the youngest player in history to win a main event at Seven Card Stud High Low tournament. Phill won from poker 15.821.11 $, he was on the first place 23 times and has 13 WSOP Bracelets. His favorite game is Hold’em

These are the guys that won important money in poker, the list is long with people that won more than a million $ at this games.

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