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Bet365, the safest online bookmaker on the market

The safest online bookmaker is an overstatement and we say this because most of them are safe as long as you play correctly. If you do not open multiple accounts for the bonus or if you do not try and take advantage of the possible errors made by them, then you will not have any kind of problems with them.

In our opinion, Bet365 is the safest online bookmakers because:

- the documents sent for verification are safe, there are no risks of someone using them.
- they have a well established customer care service, so any problem you might have will be solved within minutes through a phone call.
- they do not block or limit accounts for no reason, but only when they see a bettor takes advantage of certain things.
- they pay out the money in due time, within a few hours on Moneybookers and between 3-5 working days on card withdrawals.

Besides this bookmaker there are others that are safe. On the other side, I can tell you from my own experience that Bwin.com is not a safe bookmaker.

I personally have opened an account under the name of a relative ( his only account owned) and after a few weeks/months he has started receiving dubious mails in which it was said that he has won a huge sum of money and that he should access certain links. Since that person has no other connections with the online world, the only source from which he could receive these e-mails was Bwin.

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