How to play the card game called Jackpot and what are its rules?

How to play the card game called Jackpot and what are its rules?

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If you’re looking for an easy, yet entertaining game that you want to play between friends, then Jackpot will surely be up to your expectations. At the same time, it is a game of partnership, as the goal is to obtain four cards of the same kind, for example all four Kings, and to get your partner to say “Jackpot!”. It can be played between 4 people or more, and in some cases a person is appointed as a dealer.

Teams are of 2 players and they should secretly establish a set of signals, gestures and fake-outs in order to make their way to the win. Players from the same teams are separated, as for them to not sit at the table one next to each other, but next to a player of the opposite teams. Why the need for those gestures? Because if one of them achieves the all four cards of the same type, he/she should get his/her partner to shout “Jackpot”, so to validate your four cards as the winning combination. In the same manner, codes are particular ways of letting the partner know what cards you need. For example, if you need a 10, you may say something randomly as “I like flowers” and your partner will understand your coded message. And you could use fake signals as well, like saying or doing something to confuse the opponents and get them say “Freeze”.

After setting the signals, each player receives 4 cards. After looking carefully at the cards and deciding on which or if they can form a pair of four, they may use codes to let their partners know what they need. Then the dealer puts 4 cards face up on the table, and players are allowed to grab and switch any cards they want with some of theirs instead. They can also give a card to their partner if they need to, of course face down for others to not be able to see. If you say Jackpot and your partner has four of a kind then you two are the winning team. However, if you misunderstood the situation and wrongly interpreted the codes and signals of your partner and he/she does not have 4 of a kind, then you are the losing team.

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