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Betting exchange bookmakers

The last couple of years have seen a tremendous boom in sportsbetting, as the interest in various sports has grown considerably among people. They now do not want to simply watch their favourite sport, but also wish to earn from it. It is this notion that has given rise to sportsbetting in recent years. You can bet on your favourite sport either through a plethora of bookmakers or via the recently increasing numbers of betting exchanges. However there is a difference in betting with a bookmaker and in placing a wager with one of the betting exchange bookmakers and if considered, the latter deems to be far more beneficial.

To understand why betting exchanges have a winning hand over bookmakers, we first need to understand the difference between the two. We are familiar with the term ‘bookmaker’, which refers to a person or even an organisation that offers betting opportunities on various sporting events. Betting exchanges also offer betting prospects on a large number of sports, but in a different manner. The difference between the traditional bookmaker and the newly emerged betting exchange bookmakers is that in the former, you are betting against the bookmaker while in the latter, you are betting against other bettors like yourself.

Now the question that arises is that if both these are normal betting portals, why does one have an advantage over the other. Betting exchanges offer better earning potentials than the bookmakers. How? The simple answer to this is that when you place a bet with a bookmaker, your odds are lowered as the commission of the bookmaker is also involved in it, whereas this is not the case with betting exchange bookmakers. Although there is a small transaction fee incurred, it works out to much lower than what you would pay as profits to the bookmakers. For example the fee of a top betting exchange like Betfair is a mere 5% of your winnings as opposed to 10–20% charged by bookmakers, which is a significant difference in charges.

With a betting exchange you are your own bookmaker and you can also provide your own LAY odds. You are either acting bookmaker or placing a bet with another punter like yourself, only here the odds have been set by the others. Since the commissions charged by betting exchange bookmakers are only on single market net profits, one can hedge positions (laying to backing and vice versa), but the market swings will decide your benefits or losses. Again, if the punter wishes to make a change, he or she can manipulate the market positions without having to bear the profit margins of a traditional bookmaker. If you look at the workings closely, you will find that a betting exchange is no different from a stock exchange.

Thus with these great advantages, betting exchanges have flourished and have offered tough competition to traditional bookmakers. UK has seen a huge growth of betting exchange bookmakers with Betfair leading the bandwagon, followed by other big names such as Betdaq, Betsson and Canbet. Betfair by far is the largest betting exchange in the world and was established in 1999. It has won several accolades for its brilliant management and introduction of innovative betting techniques and trading programs. Following betting exchanges have looked up to it as their role model for developing new betting exchanges of their own.

Betfair.com being the world’s leading betting exchange bookmakers caters to punters worldwide besides having a major hold in the markets of England, Wales, Malta, Germany, Austria and Australia. From a huge selection of leagues and exclusive fixtures and a variety of sporting events including football, cricket, baseball, horse racing, hockey, basketball, rugby etc to choose from, Betfair is certainly a place for the keen punter. It offers highly competitive odds with an assortment of odds to choose from including Fixed Odds, Asian Handicaps, Outrights, Unders and Overs, Live Betting and Specials. Betfair states that its odds are far better than the traditional bookmakers.

Following close at heel of leading betting exchange bookmakers Betfair, is betdaq.com, a betting exchange founded in 2001 and based in Ireland. What sets Betdaq apart from its archrival Betfair, is the low commission fee of 2% that they charge punters against winnings, as opposed to the 5% fee levied by the latter. Betdaq also offers a number of trading programs that punters can easily download from the website and use to their benefit to make sound decisions while betting. Better still, you can open an account with both betting exchanges and compare odds before you decide to place a bet on a sport.

The Swedish betting exchange betsson.com is another big name in the list of top betting exchange bookmakers. Established in the year 2000 and operating under the UK Jurisdiction, Betsson offers punters a wide choice of sporting events to bet on. Also you can choose from a variety of fixed odds. The minimum stake for exchange betting is €3 and cannot go beyond €5,000.  If you are playing a bookmakers bet, the minimum bet is €0.10 with winnings per punter not exceeding more than €5,000 per day. The commission charged by Betsson is 4% or less depending on a punter’s net gains in a single market. Like all the other betting exchange bookmakers, Betsson too does not charge a commission if you happen to lose.

Last but not the least is canbet.com, a betting exchange established in 1995 and licensed in UK as well as Australia. It presents betting opportunities on a number of sporting events with major emphasis lying on horse racing events in UK, Ireland, Australia, United States and in Asia. Also it is the only major betting exchange that offers live betting on cricket. Canbet charges a commission in the range of 2% to 5% on net profits and the minimum stake limit for both exchange and bookmaker betting is $1. So with an insight to some of the top betting exchange bookmakers, you can now select one that suits your needs.

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