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Betting from your phone

Since technology has evolved so much and now one’s cell phone is no longer just a phone but rather a full grown computer which often times can be even more performing than the old computer you have at home, it is no wonder that some online betting agencies introduced for their customers the alternative of using the smart phone to place the bets.

Of course, like in any other situation when the market proposes a change, there is a lot of skepticism with regards to using the phone for placing bets. In order to counteract this, most betting agencies have chosen to provide incentives for the betters that choose to use the phone to place their bets instead of a classical computer connected to the Internet through a landline.
The main advantage of using the phone to place a bet is the fact that you can do that wherever you are – for instance, when you are on a stadium watching the game you are live betting.

If it’s not a derby, or if your seat is near the manager’s bench, you are more likely to hear the details of how the coach is going to approach the game for the second half and thus you have the opportunity to get a more thorough analysis right there and increase the chances of placing a successful bet.

It’s one thing to watch a live-text or watch the game on a commercial TV station from home or an offline agency and it’s a whole other thing to watch the game whilst being situated 5 feet away from the manager of the visiting squad and place the bet right after he dictated the strategy to the players.

But using the phone to place bets is not only for those that are a lot into live betting from the stadium, but also for those that are away from home for a few days in a place where there is no betting agency and still want to bet on an event because they already think they have the winning idea. For instance, the Premier League from England is fully active during holidays whilst some betters are on vacation in those days and betting using the phone can indeed be the only option available on the location you are at that particular moment.

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