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Betting on corner kicks

There are people even amongst the most passionate bettors and followers of football (soccer) that are quite reluctant to the idea of betting on the number of corner kicks because they tend to consider that the number of corners from a match is something that cannot be approximated through a thorough analysis and it’s rather a question of chance

But it’s not like that and the analysis is actually similar to the one that the player does when betting on the number of goals that are likely to be scored in match. For instance, you don’t have to be an expert in football betting in order to realize that it’s quite probable for Bayern Munich to score more goals in a Bundesliga match than Catania in a Serie A match.

The same goes with corner kicks. A squad that usually attacks a lot is more likely to have corner kicks than a squad that rarely attacks and usually approaches the matches in a rather defensive manner and counts more on counterattacks.

Unlike the goals per match analysis, when analyzing the likelihood of a certain number of corner kicks, the better must also take into account the game philosophy of the manager or the coach and the difference in terms of value between the teams.

For instance, Celtic Glasgow usually has a large number of corner kicks per match and the manager’s philosophy is one based on constant attacking and pressing the opponent squad. But when they face Barcelona, it’s less likely to use the same philosophy if they want to win the match or to limit the proportions of the final score.

There are a lot of ways to bet on corner kicks and the number of options depends on the betting agency you choose, but the most popular ones are betting on the total number of corner kicks, the number of corner kicks in the first half, compared corner kicks betting (where the player nominates the side that will kick the ball from the corner more) and corner kicks betting with handicap.

When betting on the number of corner kicks, you have to take into consideration the fact that only the corner kicks that are validated by the referee and executed are being taken into account for the bet. For instance, if you bet that there will be more than 17 corner kicks in a match and in the 90+4th minute there have been exactly 17 corner kicks and the ball goes out into corner kick but the referee doesn’t allow the corner kick to be executed and blows the final whistle of the match – your bet is lost.

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    I´d like to know about in-play corners.
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