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Betting on outsiders system

On Martingale strategy, the gambler keeps doubling the stake each time a bet is unsuccessful, thus attempting to recover all the losses and gain some profit. Of course, this works out quite well if the gambler has a big bankroll and the series of unsuccessful bets is not too long. However, this same strategy can lead to fast bankruptcy for the inexperienced gamblers and for those with small amounts of money in the bankroll.

However, by making a small modification to the Martingale strategy, the gambler can increase his profit even higher. Again, this happens only if the series of unsuccessful bets isn’t too long.
What this means is not only doubling the stake when a bet is unsuccessful, but adding the intended profit on top of that.

Let’s say a gambler bets on events with a quota of 2.50 and he intends to have a profit of 20$ on a stake of 10$. This means, by the rules of this system, that his first stake is 30$. If the bet is unsuccessful, our gambler loses 30$. By keep using this system, our gambler now has to raise the stake to 70$. If this bet is also unsuccessful, following this system, our gambler now has to bet 170$ in order to stay in the range of the profit he targeted to prior to engage in the series of bets. As one can notice, the stake increases quite fast and a long series of unsuccessful bets can be devastating.

But the devastating consequences in sporting betting can be avoided using the outsiders system. Statistically speaking, roughly 50% of the matches from a season (in almost any sport from baseball to football/soccer) are being won by the outsiders. This means that the chances of winning a bet on an outsider is quite close to 50% which literally means that one match out of two can get you out of the spiral and with a decent profit.

The quotas for the victory of the outsiders are rarely below 2.00 so this can bring a well-deserved profit for the gambler after a negative series.

This is not a secret recipe for getting rich over night, but it sure is a way of limiting the losses with decent profits for those with large amounts of money in their bankrolls.

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