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Betting strategies

Due to the huge increase of interest in sports, there has also been a considerable rise in sports bettors across the world. In turn there has been an influx of online bookmakers offering some of the most competitive odds drawing bettors to their websites. The bettors on their part have been on a constant lookout for betting strategies that will help them improve their betting skills so that they are able to turn the odds into their favour. Those who are new to this arena must know that in order to be a successful sports bettor, one needs to follow certain strategies that will enable them to make some good profits. Even if you are an experienced bettor, it helps to utilise various betting techniques to broaden your betting horizon.

The first of your betting strategies should be to get yourself well informed about the sport you are planning to bet on. You could find out about the rules, the form of players, their injuries, teams that are worth backing, the conditions of the field and how your chosen team would perform there, what kind of odds to expect and the types of bets available. There is a lot of information to be found on the Internet that you can analyse and then depending on it, you can place your bets on the sport of your choice. If you do your homework well, you can expect to get some good rewards for it, but if you do not, you could be putting your bankroll in jeopardy, as betting carries high risks if you do not have an idea of what you are doing.

The next thing to concentrate on when it comes to betting strategies is money management, which is a very important factor when you are betting. Unless you have the ability to manage your bankroll, you could be losing more money than you can afford to lose. It is important to set aside a certain amount over which you will not bet if you lose and this is a discipline that is necessary to maintain. Never try to pursue your losses because the attempt will only make you lose more. You will find from experts that betting more than your bankroll in pursuit of your losses is the most foolish thing to do and so suppressing this urge is a vital part of your betting strategy that will enable you to bet safely.

Having an account with popular and reliable bookmakers is also essential. You can make your pick from several well-known names and start an account with one or more of them. An important factor in sportsbetting is the odds that are offered by these bookmakers. You have to be looking for online bookmakers that provide competitive odds where the profit of the punter is greater than the commissions of the bookmaker. Careful study of the odds is necessary, as you will find varying odds although there will not be a huge difference in them. You must look at the offer price and choose odds that at least offer 2:1 odds. Sometimes it also pays to select odds with a little higher risk as you can make more profits from it.

The type of bets that you are going to play will also affect your wins. The bets that offer you the best opportunities are the straight bets, doubles and the futures. However, you must remember that whichever betting type you choose, keep your bets small to avoid losing large sums. If you are more of a hard-core bettor and like to take risks, then trying out one or more of the progression theories – betting strategies – could prove exciting for you. There are a number of negative and positive progression betting systems that allow you to place bets based on mathematical calculations that tell how much you could win or lose if your selection turns out to be the way you predicted it to happen.

Some of the popular betting strategies that are used are the Martingale, D’Alembert, Kelly Criterion, 1-3-2-6, Parlay, Paroli, Labouchere and the Fibonacci betting systems. According to the Martingale betting system, the bettor doubles his bet after he loses so when he wins a bet, he is able to recover his losses as well as make a profit from it. The strategy presents high risks, but if you are lucky, you can go home with a good bankroll. In the Kelly betting system the bettor is prepared to take higher risks if there is a greater possibility of a win. In case the chances of a win are low, the bettor will make a smaller bet. The 1-3-2-6 betting system enables you to increase your bets after a win and alter them to prove more beneficial. Four consecutive wins in a row can be profitable as bet sizes can be changed from 1 to 6 units.

The Paroli is the opposite of the Martingale theory, so instead of increasing your bets after you lose, in the Paroli you double your bet only after a win. According to the D’Alembert theory, you increase your bets after a loss and decrease a bet after a win. The Parlay or Accumulator bet is a single bet comprising of a combination of bets placed on one or more games. If even one of your selections happens to lose, you will lose your entire bet, but if your predictions are correct, you could make a very good profit from it. According to the Labouchere system, you make your bets according to the sequence of numbers you have written down before starting the bet. The Fibonacci also works in a similar manner using mathematical calculations to place bets. You move up a unit after a loss and step down one unit after a win.

Geared up with this knowledge and the right betting strategies to implement in your betting, you can make some huge profits, but you must adhere to the above advice if you wish to see the profits coming. Discipline, money management, planning and the right strategies are the roads to success and if you follow it religiously, you are bound to make a good career out of sports betting.

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