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Bingo games variations

There are hundreds of bingo sites online and dozens of variations on bingo games. The country with the biggest bingo following is the United Kingdom. It is also popular in Canada, Japan and the United States.

Bingo games in the old-fashioned halls used to vary in the winning pattern – four corners or the T or the L game for instance. Online bingo games come in a variety of interesting choices.  Some of the popular types of bingo games are represented by these examples from USA Bingo.

3 Outta 4 Ain’t Bad lets you choose 4 numbers between 1 and 75 and when 3 of the 4 numbers are called, call out TOF and your numbers. The first 3 to yell win 2 bingo bonuses (also referred to as bbz).

Alphabet Soup is a game where if your player alias begins with the same letter as the winner’s alias, you win 2 bingo bonuses.

These are just small variations on bingo games that add to the fun of playing and give you bonuses that can be used for bigger bingo games with bigger prizes. The reality is that for the standard game, there are only so many things that can be done.  Take a look at the traditional game with the bingo card that has five horizontal rows and five vertical columns with the free spot in the middle. You can play this to match a row of five numbers in any direction. The popular variation on this is the Cover All where you cover all the numbers on the card.

There are Combination games that involve the standard one line plus some other variant like covering all four corners. Pre-called bingo games have you start off with some numbers already called and therefore already filled in on your card. Progressive games start with a jackpot that will be paid out if you win in a specified number of calls. If no one wins in this number of calls, then the prize is moved ahead to the next game in that series.

These are the standard types of bingo games in 75 Ball Bingo.  This is the typical bingo where there are 75 numbers that are played in five columns with 15 possible numbers in each column.  There is also 90 Ball Bingo also known as Housie. This is a popular game in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand as well as in parts of Europe and South America.

The cards are referred to as tickets and they have 3 rows and 9 columns.  Each row has 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. The first player to fill a horizontal line wins but the game keeps on going. The first player who fills two horizontal lines wins a bigger prize and the biggest winner is the player who fills three horizontal lines on the ticket. Of course, if you are the first to fill a line you stand a good chance of being the first to fill the second line and then the third horizontal line.

There is another way to look at bingo games and that is in terms of whether they are free or money games. Since bingo has been played since the 1500s, clearly it has some intrigue above and beyond the lure of money. If the thrill of the game is all you want, then you just have to register on a free bingo site or a site that offers free games as well as paid ones.  If you like the thrill and the money, then check out the sites that have bingo games that will satisfy this need.

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