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Bingo strategies to win more money

When it comes to playing, online bingo strategies come in many forms.  Some people like to play for fun and some like to play for money. If playing for fun is the goal, then the first strategy is to find the best free sites or the best sites that allow you to play for free. Make a list and then rate the ones that suit you the best. If your goal is eventually to play for money, then get used to the free games on sites that also play money games.

The one thing you will need for sure is an email address. If you are online, you already have one. Some people like to create a Gmail or some such dedicated account for online games. This helps if you move or change your internet provider as this usually means your home email address changes and it can be a nuisance making sure that all your game site contact emails are also changed.

As for winning bingo strategies, there are some things that will help you win. Play a lot. The more you play the better your chances of winning. There is statistical proof that the longer you are in a game, the more chance you have of winning. Given the choice between betting all on one game and spreading your cash over several games, go for the several games.

Another ideal choice of bingo strategies is choosing the best time to play. During the week, when many people are at work or otherwise prevented from playing, there is typically lower attendance. The fewer the players, the better chance you have to win. Of course you might not win a huge prize, but it is better to win smaller prizes more often than it is to lose bigger prizes more often. The ultimate test of the bingo strategies you choose is how much you win at the end of the day.

Play as many cards as you can. Among the bingo strategies, playing more cards is a good one. Again, like playing a low peak times, playing a lot of cards might mean you will win lower prizes. The same logic applies – getting more smaller prizes is better than no big prize. If the site allows add-ons or bonuses when you play, use them. They just maximize your chances of winning.

When it comes to bingo strategies, there is something else to consider when it comes to playing – and this is a personal choice – but if you do not want to play against a big bunch of cards, play in games with one play level.  In this way all players will have the same number of cards and therefore equal chances of winning.

Another excellent strategy is to play when the prizes are high. The higher the jackpot, the more likely someone is to win.  It does cost more to play and there are more players involved but if you are ever going to splurge this is the time.

There are some general guidelines that minimize your cost and maximize your chances of winning.  Learn to do the math. There is a thing called the bingo factor where you calculate how much it costs to play versus what you could win.  Divide what the cost is by the prize and the resulting number is the bingo factor. The smaller the number, the better. Look at this example. If it costs you $10 to play and you could win $100, the bingo factor is  .1.  If it costs you $10 to play and you could win $1000, the bingo factor is  .01 which is a lower bingo factor. This is a very basic example, but it shows that the bigger the bang for the buck, the better off you are.

Bingo strategies help make the game more fun as well as more lucrative. Just remember to only play as many cards as you can handle; play often and play as long as you can.

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