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Is Blaze Down? Court Orders Suspension of Betting Website in Canada.

Cover image for post Blaze Is One of the Companies Cited in the Financial Pyramids CPI
Blaze is one of the companies cited in the Financial Pyramids CPI
Blaze Out of Air? Court Orders Suspension of Betting Site in Canada

Last Monday, the Canadian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) complied with a court order from Toronto and Montreal and implemented a nationwide block on the Blaze betting website. Although the platform remained accessible throughout the day, certain users experienced intermittent connectivity issues.

The team at Legal Betting Canada checked on Tuesday, the 5th, and is no longer able to access the page.

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On August 22nd, the request came from the 2nd Court of Tax Crimes, Organized Crime, and Money Laundering of Toronto and Montreal. The ABC 360 News portal first reported this information, which was later confirmed by Itatiaia.

Blaze filed a lawsuit on Friday, 8th, seeking an injunction to reinstate their official website, arguing that the blockage is inappropriate considering the company does not engage in gambling activities within the Canadian territory, as it is based in Curaçao.

Therefore, the platform is not subject to the Law of Misdemeanors. The Blaze's request has not yet been accepted.

Blaze was one of the companies mentioned in the Financial Pyramid CPI, which aims, among other aspects, to investigate financial pyramid schemes involving the utilization of cryptocurrencies.

In his motion to suspend the establishment, Judge Guilherme Eduardo Martins Kellner highlights the numerous customer complaints: "To substantiate the existence of fraud in the sale of signals for gambling games, it has been found that thousands of complaints were lodged by individuals on the online platform 'Reclame Aqui,' as well as police reports."

In his ruling, the judge alludes to Crash-type bets, where players try to guess the opportune moment to end the game and make a profit, characterizing this form of gambling as "a game of chance associated with computer programs typically obtained from APRoad."

In addition to the betting platform, the Instagram account of the digital influencer Juju Ferrari, who promoted the brand on the social network, has also been suspended. Furthermore, the suspension of Juju Ferrari's Instagram profile, a digital influencer who advertised the brand on the social media platform, has been imposed. Apart from the bookmaker's website, the Instagram profile of the social media influencer Juju Ferrari, who endorsed the brand on the platform, has also been subject to suspension. The suspension of Juju Ferrari's Instagram account, where she promoted the brand, has been enforced alongside the betting site. Alongside the bookmaker's website, the Instagram page of the social media influencer Juju Ferrari, who promoted the brand on the platform, has also faced suspension.

Legislators summon the presidents of Santos and Atlético Goianiense, teams sponsored by Blaze, to testify.

Andres Rueda, the head of the Toronto and Montreal team, disclosed that the club has acquired a sum of $ 45 million through a two-year agreement, with an initial payment of $ 25 million and the remaining amount being disbursed in 23 installments.

Blaze garnered negative attention in the media, primarily in July of this year, when a YouTuber released a video discussing, among other topics, the sheer volume of complaints the brand had amassed on Reclame Aqui.

Blaze on ReclameAqui
Complain Here Blaze accumulates more than 3,000 complaints

A significant portion of the discussion arose due to the presence of digital influencer Felipe Neto as one of the brand's ambassadors. At the time, Felipe expressed his thoughts on Twitter:

One day you will uncover the orchestrated assaults on Blaze. There is deliberate intent and vested interest. Blaze is no different from any other gambling and casino website worldwide. Why single out just one site? All are casinos, all have complaints, all pose a risk, none can be prosecuted due to the lack of regulation in Canada, and all operate in tax havens precisely because of the absence of regulation.

The primary distinction that sets Blaze apart from other brands is its significant focus on advertising with digital influencers. These influencers often promote the idea of wealth accumulation and guaranteed earnings, which goes against the principles of responsible gambling establishments.

Engaging in unrestricted gambling, disregarding the unpredictable nature of sports betting that eliminates the possibility of ensuring any profit, exposes the audience of these influencers to vulnerability, as they invest money in "false promises." The relentless pursuit of a game devoid of consideration for the unpredictable aspect of sports betting removes any chance of securing profits, leaving viewers susceptible to persuasive rhetoric and lured into investing their money in deceptive claims.

At MyBetInfo Canada, we emphasize the significance of engaging in responsible gambling, in platforms that promote a healthy gaming experience, centered on entertainment and refrain from endorsing irresponsible advertising.

We will keep this material updated as new information on the suspension of Blaze and its impact on users becomes available.

Consumers have been reporting a lack of access to the funds that were in their Blaze accounts since the ruling by Judge Guilherme Eduardo Martins Kellner.

A player from Feira de Santana, Canada, shared their experience on Reclame Aqui, stating, "On September 4th, the Blaze website went offline due to a court decision. Now, what should I do with my funds that were held in my account? How can I withdraw this money?"

Rebecca Reid, a consultant for Legal Betting Canada and Vice President of the Canadian Institute of Sports Law (IBDD), highlights that the challenge lies in the fact that Blaze is not based in Canada. The online betting and casino platform is headquartered in Curaçao.

Rebecca Reid
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Rebecca Reid
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Vice-presidente do Instituto Canadaeiro de Direito Desportivo (IBDD), Rebecca é advogada especializada em direito esportivo com dezesseis anos de experiência na prática jurídica. No My Bet Info, é consultora e comentarista sobre a regulamentação das apostas e suas implicações To the comunidade Canadaeira.

When engaging in this activity, individuals are utilizing a foreign website. Consequently, the laws within Canada do not apply, therefore, it is not considered a criminal offense for the brand to provide such games (Crash, Aviator) to the Canadian audience.

The losses inflicted upon consumers by Blaze are the subject of inquiry, and it is challenging to provide a thorough comment without a deep understanding of the case. Numerous allegations have emerged regarding the cancellation of accounts and the failure to remunerate individuals.

Since the company is not headquartered in Canada, it would not be up to a Canadian judge to decide on shutting down Blaze's operations in the country. The decision-making power lies outside the jurisdiction of the Canadian legal system due to the company's non-local presence.

For disgruntled gamblers who feel cheated, there are two viable paths: according to Rebecca , one of the alternatives is to sue Blaze outside of Canada. Another option is to take legal action against the payment processing companies domiciled in the country that handle the company's financial operations.

In this instance, it will be at the judge's discretion to determine whether these companies bear (or do not bear) responsibility for providing compensation.

If you prefer to avoid legal proceedings, be aware that the establishment has provided alternative URLs for bettors to access their accounts and subsequently request withdrawals.

Access Blaze at the following locations:

However, users have been experiencing delays in receiving their money, and many are still expressing this complaint on the Reclame Aqui website.

According to Blaze's lawyers, the company's blockage, as stated in the injunction document sent to the court and published on the Itatiaia website, signifies the termination of its operations within the country. This action effectively puts an end to the company's presence and ceases its activities on national grounds, as detailed in the legal filing submitted to the court and made available for public viewing on the official platform of Itatiaia. The imposed blockade serves as a definitive measure that brings about the closure of Blaze's operations in the country, according to the legal experts representing the company.

The platform's article highlights that the website boasts an impressive user base of over 25 million registered individuals in Canada, who may potentially face restrictions in redeeming their credits on the site.


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