How It Works House Comparator ?

Discover the optimal betting site for you with the MyBetInfo Canada House Comparison tool! Learn how to make the most of it and find the perfect platform for your gambling needs.

Select Up to 3 Houses

To begin the comparison, you should first choose up to three bookmakers. You have at your disposal all the bookmakers that have already been reviewed by the Legal Betting Canada team! After making your selection, a variety of points to compare will automatically appear.

comparator analysis

Analyze Bonuses and Services

Before we delve into the captivating world of online gambling, let's take a moment to dissect the enticing realm of registration bonuses and other promotions. It's imperative to scrutinize the multitude of services provided by different platforms, and equally crucial to investigate the licenses they hold for operational purposes. Mobile applications, customer support options, and the array of payment methods available are additional pivotal factors that should be considered and compared meticulously.

pros and cons

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages

We have a comprehensive section dedicated to the Pros and Cons of BETTING SITES. Within this section, you can explore the key highlights and drawbacks of each house, providing valuable insights into their strengths compared to their competitors.

screenshot comparador

Take a look at screenshots of the website.

Screenshots are visual representations taken from betting websites. They serve as a useful tool to provide you with an understanding of the layout and information structure within each site, as well as to give you a glimpse of what to expect when visiting these betting platforms.

comparator register

Register in a Home

Now that you've done all the comparisons and analyses, it's time for you to select a house to register with. By clicking on the "OPEN" button at the end of the comparison, you will be directed to the registration page of the house's website, where you can embark on your journey as a bettor.

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Read Our Reviews

Was the Comparator not enough? Then you can always delve into the comprehensive reviews of each betting site. By doing so, you will be absolutely sure if a particular website is the most suitable for what you are looking for, ensuring a satisfactory experience.