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Choosing an online bookmaker

With sports taking centre stage, we have seen a sudden growth of bookmakers and a rising interest in people outside the regular gambling community, who have developed a fondness for betting. The main reason for this rising interest is the fact that one can now bet from the comforts of their homes instead of venturing out to a land based bookmaker to place their bets. Also most of the leading online bookmakers offer mobile betting facilities that enable bettors to place bets on their favourite sporting events even when they are on the move. Apart from this, there are several other convenient features and wonderful promotions offered that lure bettors to these betting portals.

There are so many advantages of betting online that most bettors have switched loyalty from offline to online bookmakers. Again many popular land-based bookmakers have also gone online to retain their old customers as well as add new ones to their list. Some of the popular European bookies include William Hill, Ladbrokes, both of which have land based betting portals as well, Bet365, Bwin, Unibet, Sportingbet and Expekt. These bookies are recognised worldwide and cater to bettors across the world except those from the US, as the law of their country forbids them to bet online.

Sometimes selecting a bookmaker seems a tough task for a newcomer. So how can one know whether a bookmaker they have chosen is appropriate for them? To find a bookmaker that suits their needs, the bettor must first make a list of bookmakers that he/she feels are good enough to sign up for. Try to locate leading bookmakers, as you will save yourself the trouble of facing any kind of problem in the future for making a wrong decision. Once this list is ready, you can do a more intensive search on each of these bookmakers and note down their features and offerings and then narrow down your search to the most prominent few.

Reviews posted on various sites can be very helpful too, as most of them are from professional and experienced gamblers who have used these bookmakers and are able to tell us about the pros and cons of these betting sites. At our site here too, you can find reviews of several European bookmakers that include  williamhill,  bet365,  ladbrokes,  sportingbet or expekt. To make certain that a chosen bookmaker suits your requirements, it is important to explore each of their features including their terms and conditions, modes of payments, games offered if you are going to be playing casino games, poker, bingo etc.

For instance, Bet365 offers a range of features that include a variety of sports betting opportunities with live-in play, video streaming of major sporting events, mobile betting, competitive odds, easy registration procedure, fast payouts, an efficient and quick customer support staff and a number of bonuses and promotions. Also you are entitled to a match-up bonus of 100% of up to £200 when you sign up for an account and make a first-time deposit of a minimum of £25. Apart from sports betting, Bet365 also offers a wide range of casino games, online poker games, slot games and arcade games.

William Hill is one of the oldest bookmakers in Europe and a leading name in the gambling world. It offers a wide choice of sporting events that you can bet on with competitive odds especially for greyhound racing. You also receive freebets worth £30 when you sign up for an account with William Hill. The other features offered by the bookmakers are more or less the same as those available at Bet365. A single account can be used to fund your sports betting as well as casino, poker, bingo and slots games bets, which saves you the hassle of opening a new account for each of the portals separately. This goes for most of the online bookmakers.

Ladbrokes, too, is a prestigious UK bookie with both land-based as well as online betting portals. As far as aspects are concerned, Ladbrokes shares similar features to William Hill and other betting sites of its kind. Another online bookmaker of repute is Bwin, which also offers all the features that are at par with its esteemed counterparts. A special feature at Bwin is that it offers detailed tutorials of betting strategies that are of great use to newcomers and beginners. Similarly, we have Sportbetting.com. The speciality of this bookmaker is that they do not have a restriction on an upper betting limit like the other online bookmakers, but the lower limit is set at £1.

Unibet and Expekt.com are not far behind the others, as they offer just as many features as the leaders above them, making them an equally wise choice when it comes to selecting the right bookmakers. Apart from these standard features, all the mentioned bookmakers also offer a huge number of promotions and bonuses that lead to grand prizes. Also there are loyalty programmes that enable bettors to earn reward points that can then be redeemed for cash prizes or other lucrative gifts. Most of these promotions are generally available at the online casinos, poker rooms etc and players can take advantage of them as they carry huge rewards.

Looking at the variety of features available, it leaves little doubt that bettors are switching over to online betting because of the convenience offered while a bigger and better opportunity waits around the corner. Beginners may use this information along with other information on our site to understand all about online gambling and how it has an advantage over the traditional bookmakers and is therefore a better option. They can choose to sign up with one of the above bookmakers and start their betting career from a secure and reliable source instead of randomly picking up a bookmaker and then later realising what a big mistake it was.

Whether you choose to sign up with one of the above bookmakers or a bookmaker of your choice, remember to select one that has a good reputation, as far as its services and payouts are concerned.

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