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Common mistakes in live bets when it comes to sports betting

Live bets are considered by most bettors as extremely dangerous. They can bring fast winnings just as they can bring you to an empty bankroll. In order not to fall into the trap of live bets you should consider the following aspects.

- bet only on the matches you can watch – never place live bets on matches that you can not watch. The bookmakers have people that watch these games that are broadcasted live. Even if we see an odd that looks advantageous, something will be happening in that game to justify it. If you do not know what it could be about, it is best to avoid the match.

- bet on events where you can check the results – there are many players that say on forums that they have been cheated by the bookmaker`s live console. They only have an informative character (as it is written on all the websites), the results not being official. If you want to bet on corners and you do not know how many were kicked, then it is best to avid the bet, it is possible that the website displayed an extra one or did not listed one and this might mislead you. Likewise, never bet on exotic competitions where you can not check the outcome. It is always best to have a reliable source where you can see if the pick is rightly validated. If you bet on “team to first score 10 goals” from a Brazilian handball match, then the chances of checking the validation are low.

- bet on the teams/players that you know and follow – you will constantly find in the offer of bookmakers sporting events from various competitions of which you have not heard before. It is recommended to avoid these events because you no longer bet on your knowledge but only on the odds. Do not forget that the bookmakers make the odds and they are a step ahead of you.

- play constant stakes, regardless the winnings/losss - never let yourself get carried away after winning 4 – 5 bets by raising the stakes. Even if you feel confident it can happen that this bet with a double stake or even triple will make you lose everything you have previously won. Likewise, when things are not going that good and you have had a hard day with 3-4-5 consecutive lost bets, take a break for a while. It is most possible that after a series as this one you will play only to recover the money, but you will end up losing more, in most of the cases.

In conclusion, in our opinion, live bets are a good way of making money as long as you are patient and will informed. If one of these aspects is missing, then there are high chances of emptying your bankroll.

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