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Common problems with the Bet365 online bookmaker

Bet365.com is an online betting operator with the highest number of clients in the world and it is only natural that they have the highest number of unsatisfied players that complain about the slip validation. In the following lines we will present the most common mistakes made by bettors, but since they do not know what they are doing wrong, they blame the bookmaker.

- bets on Asian handicaps – before placing a bet on an Asian Handicap, make sure to read the article that explains all the Asian Handicaps. Many mistake -0.5 Asian Handicap with -0.25 Asian Handicap, the both somewhat looking alike, but there is a difference between them.

- bets on corners – in order to win a bet like this, the corner kick has to be played. If you have, for example Over 10.5 corners and in the 93rd minute the 11th corner is given but is not kicked, then you lose the bet.

- live bets – the information displayed in the live console only have an informative character. Before placing a live bet watch the match on the TV or over the internet, you can even look for a website that offers accurate information about that game (the minute of the match, the number of corners or the player that serves in the case of tennis matches).

- bets during a time interval – in the case a goal is cored before or after a few seconds after the time interval you have bet on, try and look for a video recording to see the exact second in which the goal was scored. Even though some live score websites display the 30th minute for a goal, if it was scored in 30:02 it belongs to the 31st minute.

If you encounter a problem with the bets placed at Bet365 online bookmaker, we recommend you to contact customer support from their official website and if you are right, the problem will be solved.

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  1. Bet365 make lots of mistakes on american sports betting. Insider tell me their trader MICHAEL CHINEEGADOO makes them and hide behind others. this is the guy twitter.com/mchiny
    always problems.

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