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By using this website you agree to have read the following Cookies Agreement and consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of our website. Under European Union law, all websites must get permission from users to use cookies.

The cookie page has the role to inform all users of MyBetInfo.com about:

  •  What are these cookies and why are they important.
  • Security problems the cookies pose.
  • Methods in which MyBetInfo.com uses cookies.
  • Deactivation of cookies.

About the cookies

The Cookies, sometimes referred to as browser cookies, are small pieces of data about a certain website that is stored in the user’s personal computer, mobile phone or any other devices used to access the Internet, this allowing the website to save any log in information for that particular website, to show what pages exactly the user has visited or remember his IP address and more important, it shows the browser what sort of commercials the user is mostly interested. Keep in mind that these cookies make possible a better and more useful experience on our website.

The cookies are used by numerous websites to store various pieces of information such as the price displayed, the currency, the selected language and so on. Without these cookies many useful things would not have been possible. Normally when a user first visits a website, the server requests the browser the installation of these cookies. They are only used for records of the users’ browsing histories and are mostly passive, they can not carry any viruses, install malware on the host computer and most important they can not access the host’s computer hard drives. The security of an authentication cookie usually depends on the security of the website and the user’s web browser, the cookie data can also be encrypted for further security.

A cookie contains two parts, a name and a content, but what is more important to remember is the determined lifespan, technically speaking, only the server that requested the cookie can access it again at the moment in which the user returns to that particular website associated to the server. Another important thing to remember is the fact that the cookies do not store personal data and in most cases they can not identify the internet users.

There are two major cookie categories:

  • Session cookies – these are used for a temporary storage of data in the web browser so as to memorize them until the user leaves the website or closes the browsing window.
  • Persistent cookies – these remain on the computer’s hard drive until they expire or the users erase them. The lifespan of these types of cookies depends on how long the visited website programmed them to last. The persistent cookies also include the ones placed on other websites apart from the one the users is visiting – known as “third party cookies” – and they can be used anonymously so as to store the user’s preferences.

How does a cookie actually work?

A cookie only contains data that connect the web-browser to a certain server. When the browser accesses again the server, it can read all the already stored information. One of the most important aspects to consider represents the personalization of the website according to the user’s preferences. This way it is ensured a more pleasant browsing on the webpage. The commercials will be better focused on the user, ensuring that user will only see commercials that pose interest. Blocking the cookies does not stop a commercial being displayed.

Reasons for which the cookies are important for the internet

These cookies represent the central point for an efficient Internet browsing, it leads to a more friendly browsing and can adapt to the preferences of all users. The refusal or the deactivation of cookies can make various sites hard to use.

Here you have a few examples for which cookies are important for MybetInfo.com:

  1. They provide a content and services adapted to the user’s preferences
  2. It aids the user by remembering the password or language preferences
  3. Ensuring the child protection Internet filters
  4. Limiting the frequency of the commercials
  5. Offering a more relevant advertisement for the user
  6. They help us measure and optimize the website, such as confirming a certain traffic level on the website, what content was appreciated more and the way in which the user reached MyBetInfo.com (directly from the searching engine or other websites)

Security and other confidentiality problems

The cookies are practically harmless because they are simply folders that are used to store certain data such as the browser used, the time spent on the website and so on and they certainly do not store personal data, not accessing the user’s computer hard drive. Likewise, as mentioned above, they are not code sequences, viruses or malware programs that might damage in any way the computer, telephone or other device used for browsing the internet, so they can not duplicate on other websites. Though, this does not mean that these cookies can not be used in a negative way. They can only be used as a form of spyware, because they store the user’s preferences and history. But many anti-spyware programs are aware of this thing so the constantly delete the cookies.

Normally, the browsers have confidentiality settings integrated that pose different levels of accepting cookies, the lifespan and the automatic deletion after the user has visited a certain website.

Other aspects regarding the cookie security

Because the identity protection is extremely valuable and represents a right for any user who browses the Internet, we want to explain how it is possible for these cookies to cause some eventual problems. Through them information is constantly sent from the browser to the server and backwards, so an unauthorized person can intercept the data sent. This thing rarely happens, unless a website sends unencrypted data. If a website does not request the browser to use only encrypted channels, then the hackers can take advantage of this vulnerability to trick the browsers into sending information through other channels.

Our use of cookies

MyBetInfo.com only uses cookies in order to take anonymous pieces of information about the browsing on our website. The cookies do not store any other type of data and we guarantee that they will not be used for any other purposes, thus ensuring your data protection. We have to mention that the collection of cookies is purely done in order to serve the advertisement and commercial process. They ensure a better and more pleasant experience on our website.

MyBetInfo.com uses Google Analytics Cookies, a simple tool whose main purpose is to provide information regarding how many users visited our website, what did they appreciate the most and what settings did they prefer. The most relevant aspect of this type of cookie is that it can show how long lasted the visiting session of a user and it can thus provide information for further improvement of the website.

These cookies recognize unique users and are able to gather the activity of a single user into a single visit. They also remember the number and time of visits and the number of webpages viewed, thus helping to a better traffic monitoring. The cookies store vital information about each visit of the users, showing the time of all the visits. Likewise, they also show when a visit has ended, if a user closes the browser or is inactive.

MybetInfo.com does not use Affiliate Cookies, but the links to other websites might. If a company chooses to advertise on MyBetInfo.com, they are provided with links or banners towards their own websites and once a user clicks on them they are redirect towards these websites. In order to track how many viewers or even users a website received from a website just like ours, the website would request the installation of a cookie that shows how many users came from a particular website. This is simply used as a payment methods, if a user who was redirect to another website makes a purchase or any other sort of transaction, the website that redirect it receives a commission. For further information, we recommend and encourage everyone to read the Cookie Agreement of whatever webpages they are redirected to.

Deactivation of cookies

If you choose to deactivate the cookies, keep in mind that this thing can affect the quality of the website, thus making it hard or even impossible to browse. Remember, refusing the cookies does not mean that you will no longer be displayed commercials, but you will merely be displayed commercials that do not pose any particular interest for you. The deactivation of cookies can be done directly from the browser, if you find it hard, you can search for tutorials that might help. Bear in mind that on some websites, unless you are registered, without cookies you will not be able to leave comments.

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