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Craps at online casinos

The game of craps has been around for decades and has steadily grown into one of the most popular online casino games.This dice game can be found on casinos such as Bet365 Casino, Party Casino and William Hill Casino. When playing this game, you will be playing against other players or the banker. Many players have a hard time figuring out how the game works and consider it complex but with a bit of free game play that is offered on most of the online casinos, you can study the game and gain a better understanding of how it works.

The craps table usually has a double layout but may vary from one casino to another. The layouts of each end of the table are identical and created this way to allow more players to be involved at the same time. There are many different bets that can be placed on the table so by practicing for free you can learn the game before ever wasting your time and money with a real deposit. On the table you will notice a “puck” that reads off and is usually black while the other side is usually white and will read on. If it’s showing black that means that the game has yet to start while if it’s white it means that the game is ongoing.
In craps there will be only one person that is actually playing the game. They are referred to as the shooter and will be the one who holds the dice. Everyone else that is standing or seated at the table will be the one that will be placing bets based on what they believe the outcome of the shooters throws will be. The game will start once the shooter rolls the dice and is often referred to as the “come out roll”. There are different outcomes that will happen once the dice has been rolled which will determine whether or not you win and how much the amount of your winnings will be.
In craps if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 they will receive an automatic win. They also get to keep the dice and will be allowed to roll again. However, if the dice lands on a 12, 3 or 2 then the shooter will lose the game “which is referred to as “craps”. The shooter will still get one more roll though even if they do roll one of these numbers. If the dice does not land on one of the numbers listed above, the puck will be turned to the white side and the real game will start in order to determine if the player wins. The puck will then need to be put on the number on the table that matches the number on the dice. So for example, if the shooter rolls an 8, then the puck will be placed on the number 8 square and the number 8 will become what is known as the “point.”
When the game of craps begins, the rules will actually change. This time you, as the player, do not want to see the number 7 to appear. This is where most new players get confused because the number 7 is a win only on a “come out roll” but loses if your point had already been established. So if you are the shooter, you will continue to roll the dice until you roll the “point” again or until you roll a seven. If you are able to roll the number that is considered the “point” before you roll a seven, then you will win. If the seven comes out before your point number, you lose and the dice will be moved onto the next player in line.
When it comes to betting, craps includes two dice so the numbers that you can roll will range from 2 – 12. It can be very stressful for new players when they are first learning to bet due to so many players betting at the same time and with so many different areas to actually bet on. Bets will be made by spectators and the shooter. However, only the player who is the shooter at the time will be required to make a bet. You can make a variety of bets in the game for either the outcome or against the outcome depending on what you prefer.
The more specific your craps bet is, the better. All broader bets will have a lower payout versus those that are more specific. “Snake eyes” is a term used for a roll that equals two 1’s, but while many players bet on it they aren’t always lucky and will lose quite a bit of their money after a few rolls. So until you have learned the game full you should avoid complex bets all together. The “pass line bet” which means you are betting for a 7 or 11 can help you to win some extra cash but if a 2,3, or 12 is rolled by the shooter you will lose.
The player who makes a pass line bet in craps will win if the shooter gets the point before the 7 ever comes out. The shooter is always required to make a pass line bet. The “come line bets” and “don’t come bets” are only made once the point has been established. The advantage of this is the fact that you can establish a different point and take advantage of the overall odds of winning. That is until a seven is rolled. Another popular bet is the “odds bet” which is when another point takes the place of the current one. Then spectators can bet on the new point before the 7 comes out. If you have $5 on the pass line you can make $5 odds bet or $10 on the double odds table. This particular bet is one of the better options for new craps players who are just learning to play.

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