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Dealing the cards at the Kalooki 40 rummy game

If you want to play one of the most attractive online card game then you should choose Kalooki 40 because it gives you the opportunity to interact with up to 4 players in the game and to enjoy an excellent gameplay.

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Kalooki 40

Kalooki 40

Number of players: 2-4 players.
The deck: 2 standard decks of cards plus 2 jokers.

The game starts after each player receives 13 cards. After this, the game consists of turns in which the players must make 2 major moves:


A player starts his turn by drawing a card from the deck or from the discard pile (only the top) and ends the turn by throwning a card to the discard pile.

Between these two moves, every player can do another move: melding/building.
The goal of this Kalooki 40 game is to get rid of all the cards in the hands by forming melds or building existing melds found on the table.

Melding = sequences of sets and runs.
Set – a sequence of 3 or more cards from the same rank;
Run – a sequence of 3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit.

The cards have the following values in Kalooki 40:

Ace – 1 or 11 points;
Royal cards – 10 points;
Jokers – get the value of the cards that it represents;
The rest of cards have the value of the face numbers.

Kalooki 40 is a more interesting and attractive rummy game because it has a difficult rule: in order to lay down the melds for the first time, you must jave at least 40 points.

In the end, the winner of the Kalooki 40 game is that player which melds all of his cards gradually or at once (discarding the last card onto the discard pile).

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