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Do you dare to bet on dogs?

Today, in the context of the struggling economy, many are trying to find new ways of making some fast cash. While some domains of betting are already saturated and success fails to come, some may dare to choose some less known areas, such as dog races.

Even though dog racing is hardly a new phenomenon, substantial betting in this case is still expanding in many countries. This type of racing started as a matter of ego, especially in the northern parts of America, where the inhabitants used sleigh races to test their finest dogs, betting on the result. Thus, the owners of the dogs had a very good reason of pride after the race, as well as a good gain if their animal won.

Today the races have spread even in states it was unheard of. People seem to get very excited about the races, so a person with good knowledge of the dogs, their performance and physiology can gain some good money after learning the basics of the races. The races are very exciting to watch and brief, so one can observe for a period before daring to actually bet.

Unfortunately however, the industry was affected many times by the claims of dogs being given forbidden substances to perform better. Both Viagra and cannabis were found in the system of some dogs, which surprisingly or not, did not really improve their performance. So, even if the owners were sanctioned, the dogs were the ones to pay the biggest price as some of them died because of the ingested substances.

All in all, if you want to bet on dog races, you need to remember some short tips. First of all, watch many races to learn how they work. Second, check the organizing agency very well to be sure that there is no suspicion of such forbidden activities; also be aware of cases of animal abuse. After all, no one wants money made by torturing animals. And last, give it a try, as it may be the chance you were looking for!

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