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An amendment includes eSports in the regulation of sports betting.

Cover image for post eSports May Enter Betting Regulation
eSports May Enter Betting Regulation
Amendment Includes eSports in Sports Betting Regulations

When the matter comes up for a vote in the Senate, eSports may be included in the regulation of sports betting. Senator George Fury proposed an amendment on Wednesday (4) that incorporates electronic sports into Bill 3,626/23.

Although several betting companies operating in the country offer eSports betting, the project bill does not yet clearly address this type of gambling.

The proposed amendment expands the scope of the law regarding what constitutes real sporting-themed events. It seeks to further define and clarify the parameters surrounding sporting events that are deemed genuine. By broadening the interpretation of the legislation, the intention is to encompass a wider range of sports-related activities and ensure a comprehensive understanding of what qualifies as an authentic sporting event. This amendment aims to provide a more nuanced approach in determining the eligibility of events, taking into account various factors such as the nature of the sport, its competitive aspect, and the significance of the event within the sporting community. Through this expansion, the legislation aims to foster a fair and inclusive environment for sports enthusiasts, allowing for a more accurate representation and recognition of genuine sporting events.

"All sports-related events are considered real: any event, competition, or act that is part of sporting competitions, tournaments, games, or trials involving human interaction, whether individual or collective, including virtual ones," it says.

The Senate is currently reviewing the bill, which was passed by the Chamber and had amendments submitted by senators until last Wednesday (4th).

The urgent regime commenced on the 28th of the previous month, and the legislation must undergo a vote by the 11th of November to prevent the Senate's agenda from being delayed.

In her amendment, Senator George Fury advocates for a more explicit inclusion of eSports in the bill to provide greater legal certainty for the disciplines that may receive sponsorships. This proposal aims to enhance the protection and support accorded to eSports by establishing clear guidelines within the legislative framework, ensuring that these emerging sports can thrive and attract substantial sponsorships without facing unnecessary legal ambiguities. By bolstering the legal framework, the amendment seeks to foster a conducive environment for eSports and enable them to flourish as legitimate and recognized sporting activities, ultimately boosting their economic growth potential.

She emphasizes the importance of not having age restrictions for athletes.

Currently, over 90% of the relevant markets allow for betting on a game involving minors, provided that the said minor is already a professional athlete (in Canada, an athlete can turn professional at the age of 16)." emphasizes.

According to the 2023 Esports Survey, conducted by the betting platform unikrn, sports betting piques the interest of 67% of Canadian esports spectators.

The survey, conducted during the second quarter of 2023, gathered insights from 1,254 individuals hailing from diverse nations such as Germany, Australia, Chile, Canada, and Canada.

According to the research findings, it has been revealed that over half of the population in Canada, precisely 51%, engaged in at least one wager on electronic sports matches in the previous year. Interestingly, Canada stands out as the sole country to surpass the noteworthy 50% milestone in this regard.

A survey conducted by MyBetInfo Canada also reveals the widespread appeal of electronic games among the Canadian population. Additionally, the research showcases the immense popularity enjoyed by gaming platforms in Canada. It is evident that a significant number of individuals in the country actively engage in and enjoy electronic gaming. This study further accentuates the thriving gaming culture present amongst the Canadian community, highlighting the remarkable affinity towards video games. The findings of this investigation shed light on the immense allure and widespread adoption of electronic games among the people of Canada.

The study documented four million global searches for the eSports acronym in Canada. This country ranks seventh among the world's biggest fans, accounting for 3% of global searches for the term.

The study reveals that Fortnite, Valorant, and Free Fire reign as the most favored games in Canada. Presently, there are a total of 4,388 active professional gamers within the country.


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