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European basketball betting tips 02.02.2015

The basketball fans have today, the 2nd of February 2015 a pretty boring Monday with a match from France, Italy and Turkey. We will try to offer you in the following lines the tips recommended for these matches.

Gaziantep vs Fenerbahce - Bet365

Gaziantep vs Fenerbahce – Bet365

Our tip suggestion

Limoges – Lyon >>> Lyon +7.5

Limoges are the third ranked in LNB with 14 victories from 18 possible. At home they lost a single match, the very last one, 72-90 against the second ranked, Nanterre. This was the first defeat from the championship in 2015 for Curry&co. Today Limoges will face Asvel Lyon, a team ranking 11 who will have to struggle a little in order to reach the play-offs. Lyon won the last match, 69-67 against the fifth ranked, Nancy. In this championship they only have three away victories and it is normal to start today as outsiders. We believe that Lyon will throw in a good show at Limoges, against an opponent who defeated them throughout the five matches played in 2015.  We believe this because, Limoges plays on Wednesday in EuroCup at Salonic a very important match in which Jean Dupraz might use several spare players. Plus, we have to say that Lyon lost a single match out of the six away ones had in the championship at a difference more than seven points.

Odds: 1.83
Stake: 7/10

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Cremona – Reggio Emilia >>> Cremona under 73.5 points > 1.833

In Italy will take place the last match of the 17th stage. After three consecutive victories, Reggio Emilia are sat on the fourth place while Cremona are fighting for a positions that will allow them the access into the play-offs. Cremona haven’t had a great performance lately, losing three of the last four matches. At home they have four victories from the last five played. But they managed to score more than 73 points only twice in these matches, a limit we don’t think they will be able to exceed today. This is especially when considering that they play against a team with a good defense. In the last five rounds Reggio Emilia allowed only once for their opponents to score more than 64 points. Plus, in the last two away matches, at Cantu and Basket Brindisi, two teams with a better offensive game than Cremona’s, they received an average of 60 points. Cremona won the first leg match, but they didn’t score more than 70 points. We thus bet on the fact that the hosts will score a maximum of 73 points.

Odds: 1.83
Stake: 8/10

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Gaziantep – Fenerbahce >>> Fenerbahce under 20.5 points in the first quarter 1.833

The European basketball tip of the day comes from Turkey, where Fenerbahce seek the victory that will lead them right at the top of the ranking. The opponents are the penultimate ranked, Gaziantep, a team which can easily be defeated by Bjelica&co. We choose a more surprising tip. We looked over the last matches played by Fener in the championship and we saw that in the first quarter they stopped each time at 19 points scored. This is probably because of the heavy schedule. Moreover, in the last three TBL away matches, they scored more than 14 only once, in the match against the last ranked, Edime. Even if Gaziantep are neighbors in the ranking alongside with Edime, between the two of them there is a huge difference regarding the average of points received per match, 76 and 84. Gaziantep did have a match with more than 20 points scored in the first quarter. In the first leg, Gaziantep surprisingly won with 70-60, the team from Istanbul scoring only ten points in the first quarter. Fener won the last away match at Gaziantep, but even then, they didn’t score more than 20 points in the first quarter.

Odds: 1.83
Stake: 9/10

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