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Everything about slot machines

Slot machines are basically some gambling machines with a display on which you can observe how your game is going. On the screen there are three or more reels which are spinning and if you get the same elements on some of them you will win a sum of money according to the bet you have placed. The game which you can play is different from slot machines to slot machines, you can play a fruit game, with poker cards, or with other characters, the concept is the same, you need to have the same elements horizontally, vertically this also depends on the game. This games are controlled by buttons which you push to spin the reels on the screen. Some machines have a lever like it was used in the first models, that’s why this game was called the one armed bandit because it makes you easily lose your money. You start to play by putting coins inside the machine which are then being validated with a detector and then you can start to play using the amount you have put inside the machine.

The name comes from the actual slot in which you are placing your coins. Now this gambling games have become so popular that they generate almost 70% of the casino’s money in the US. The game was invented in 1887 by Charles Fey from San Francisc and it was a simple automatic machine. The first model Charles invented had three spinning reels with five elements on them, a liberty bell, diamonds, spades, hearts and a horseshoe. Every combination you get will give you a different sum of money because for example three horse shoes are easier to get than three bells. The game became very popular that Charles was having problems of keeping up with the demands of so many and others started to copy his invention. By the beginning of the new century most of the saloons, barbers shops had slots machines and this game continued to be popular until now.

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