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Facts about the casino tokens

Casino tokens are small plastic discs used to substitute money. They come in different colors and can have different currencies, it depends on the casino. They are given in exchange of a sum of money and at the end of the game the tokens are switched back into bills by their owner. They were used for slot machines but know are used in most of the card gambling sports. Also, in big tournaments where we are talking about huge sums of money some casinos use rectangular tokens maybe to make the connection with a ingot of gold which is very expensive.

In order to make it simpler, tokens are casino money, they have no value outside the casino, you can‘t pay your taxes with them or buy a car, in hotels that have a casino you can use them sometimes to pay for things that you bought in the hotel. The reason casinos have started to use tokens are many. First of all they are very easy to handle being uniform and you can put them in stacks. Coming in different colors you can also notice more easily their value and add them. One of the things that I believe it’s the most important for the casinos is that people when they don’t use real money they are neglecting things more easily and they spend more. Also when using tokens the casino can easily verify how much they have paid without being fooled by the dealers.

Even though people started to play poker far back in time, they have started to use chips only in the 19th century. Before that, they were using coins, money or object made out of gold. Now tokes are made from sand chalk mixed in order to have a strong compositions. Then they are painted in different colors and if the casino is an exclusive one he will print his name on the chips. The colors they choose are different so that the players won’t confuse them during a game.

Now that you know a little more about tokens the next step is to go in a casino, buy them and start playing poker.

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