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Investigation Uncovers Canadians' Favorite Casino Games

Cover image for post Check Out The Online Casino Games Favorites By Canadians
Check Out Canadians’ Favorite Online Casino Games
Survey Reveals Casino Games Preferred by Canadians; check out

According to the Slot Trumps Player Behaviour Report, a collaborative study conducted by EveryMatrix and iGB, Fortune Tiger, Aviator, and Mines emerge as the top choices among Canadian online casino games enthusiasts. This insightful research sheds light on the preferences of players in Canada, providing valuable insights into the gaming landscape. With their captivating gameplay and enticing rewards, these three games have garnered immense popularity and captivated the attention of Canadian players seeking thrilling casino experiences online.

The survey takes into account the preferences of Canadian users in 1903 online casino games. According to the study, the favorite game themes among the Canadian audience are animals (10%), fantasy (7%), fruits (6%), and mythology (3.6%). In Canada, users have shown a strong inclination towards games that revolve around the fascinating world of animals, capturing their imagination and providing an immersive experience. The allure of mythical realms and magical creatures has also proven to be popular, transporting players to enchanting worlds filled with wonder. Additionally, games centered around fruity symbols and vibrant colors have garnered significant interest, appealing to those seeking a refreshing and fun gaming experience.

The Fortune Tiger, commonly referred to as the Tiger Game, holds a special appeal for gamblers. However, its popularity has led to an ongoing investigation by the Maranhão Civil Police for suspected involvement in a financial pyramid scheme.

The study highlights the main appeal of the top 20 games among Canadians: the feature of free spins. According to the research, this functionality enhances the average number of gaming sessions by nearly 74%.

The survey reveals that Canadian gamblers wager an average of 1.04 EUR on their favorite casino games, with this amount increasing by eightfold for higher volatility games. On average, players are willing to risk more in pursuit of bigger wins and greater excitement. This data highlights the adventurous nature of Canadian gamblers, showcasing their willingness to embrace risks and seek out thrilling experiences. The findings also emphasize the allure of high-stakes games, where the potential for substantial payouts ignites their passion for gambling.

Research indicates that a category of moderate to high volatility encompasses 56% of the most frequently played games discovered.

Highlighting the fact that Canadian players are drawn to games that offer more thrilling experiences, it is worth considering that the average bet is nearly eight times higher for high-volatility games.

On average, players within the top 20 engage in 5.11 gaming sessions. The average number of bets placed per session totals 49.59. The top 20 participants exhibit a noteworthy consistency in their gameplay, with a substantial number of sessions and a considerable amount of bets placed per session. These statistics underscore the dedication and commitment demonstrated by these players in their pursuit of success.

Discover the most popular online casino games among Canadians, based on the number of sessions, according to the survey. Take a look at the favorite choices of Canadian players when it comes to virtual gambling. The research findings unveil the top casino games that have captured the attention of Canadian gamers, ranked by session count. Explore the preferred options of online casino enthusiasts in Canada, as indicated by their frequency of play. Delve into the realm of virtual casinos and uncover the most sought-after games among Canadian players, as revealed by session statistics.

Rank Game
1 Fortune Tiger
2 Aviator
3 Mines
4 Fairy Enchantment in Remote Exotic Wilderness
5 Aladdin’s Rollover Respins
6 Panda Time
7 Jungle Jaguar Deluxe
8 Fruits and 777s
9 The Tiki Times Exotic Wilds - an excerpt from the article.
10 BA and riches color
11 Joker Jewels
12 Fortune Ox
13 Gates of Olympus
14 Super 7 Deluxe
15 Sweet Bonanza
16 Big Bass Splash
17 Sugar Rush
18 Wolf Gold
19 Bright Gem
20 Fortune Rabbit


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