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Police Investigate Suspected Financial Pyramid Scheme of Tigrinho's Game.

Cover image for post Fortune Tiger Is Investigated By Financial Pyramid
Fortune Tiger Is Investigated By Financial Pyramid
Police Investigate Suspicion of Tigrinho Game Financial Pyramid

The game Fortune Tiger, also known as "Tigrinho's Game," has gained popularity on social media due to influencer campaigns. However, there are suspicions that it might be involved in a financial pyramid scheme.

The Maranhão Civil Police is currently conducting an investigation to determine the existence of additional victims involved in the unregulated gambling game in Canada. In the past week, Skarlete Mello, a digital influencer who had been promoting the game on various online platforms, had her assets confiscated by authorities. The authorities are intensifying their efforts to uncover any potential connections or repercussions related to this illicit activity and ensure the safety of the public.

As of now, the assumption of a financial pyramid scheme is merely being considered as a possibility, as stated by Jair Paiva, the Chief of the Maranhão Civil Police.

"The Tiger Platform is a banned game in Canada, with reports of numerous individuals suffering losses. The investigations are ongoing, and if the existence of a financial pyramid scheme is confirmed, those involved will be held accountable," stated the police officer.

The information was reported by G1.

In pyramid schemes, individuals are enlisted to partake in a venture that guarantees substantial profits. Participants are enticed with the allure of lucrative returns on their investments. However, these schemes operate by luring new recruits to join, rather than generating legitimate revenues through the sale of products or services. As the pyramid grows larger, those at the top reap the greatest benefits, while the majority at the bottom struggle to recoup their initial investments. Unfortunately, pyramid schemes are deceptive in nature, often leaving participants disillusioned and financially burdened. It is vital to remain cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging in any business opportunity to avoid falling victim to such fraudulent schemes.

However, in order for the earnings to be paid, it is necessary to call upon other members to join the group, who contribute money and progressively attract even more participants.

It is suspected that influencers promoting the Tigrinho Game are being paid for it. Meanwhile, gamblers are losing money in the game of chance.

We have received reports of individuals being paid to encourage consumers to access online games that offer unauthorized services. Consequently, when you invite someone to participate, you contribute to boosting engagement on an illegal platform and, potentially, become complicit in the unlawful activities. A telltale sign is the remuneration of influencers," stated Augusto Barros, who took part in the operation in Maranhão investigating the game.

Fortune Tiger, an online casino game of the slot machine type, is renowned for its element of chance due to its low odds of winning, causing players to lose their money. It is widely acknowledged that the game's outcomes are primarily determined by luck rather than skill, making it a risky endeavor for avid gamblers. The enticing allure of potential winnings keeps players coming back, despite the inherent risks associated with this exhilarating game of chance.

The ‘Fortune Tiger’ system, according to the Civil Police, is hosted overseas and lacks any registration or representatives in Canada.


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