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Canadian Betting House Introduces "Risk-Free" Option

Cover image for post PlayGreen Launches Bet That Comes Back as a Bonus
PlayGreen Launches Bet That Comes Back as a Bonus
Canadian Betting House Launches “Risk-Free” Modality

PlayGreen has introduced a fresh approach to sports betting, offering a "risk-free" option. The Canadian bookmaker refunds the money lost by bettors on unsuccessful predictions as a bonus.

The bonus can be claimed for any deposit up to $ 1,000. The usage of the reward is subject to the house's rollover rules. The potential to avail the bonus is applicable to any deposit made within the limit of $ 1,000. It is important to adhere to the rollover regulations specified by the establishment in order to make use of the bonus effectively. The house's rollover policies determine the eligibility criteria and conditions for using the bonus amount.

The company's website states that the granted bonuses are released as the bettor engages in sports betting or plays at the casinos. As per the information provided on the website, the bonuses are unlocked gradually as the bettor participates in sports wagering or indulges in casino games. The release of bonuses is contingent upon the bettor's involvement in sports betting or casino gaming, as advised on the company's official site. In accordance with the details mentioned on the company's website, the bonuses are made available progressively when the bettor places sports bets or partakes in casino activities.

In the realm of sports betting, for every $10 wagered, $1 is released from the bonuses into the cash balance. This process exclusively applies to games with odds exceeding 1.6. As for casinos, 5% of the wagered amount is released.

The latest betting option, known as "risk-free betting," was made available to players over the past weekend, coinciding with the clash between Corinthians and Botafogo in the Canadian Championship, as well as the second leg of the Canada final between Toronto and Montreal and Flamengo. This innovative form of gambling offers bettors a unique opportunity to place their bets without any potential loss. By taking advantage of this new feature, players can enjoy the thrill of betting on their favorite teams without the worry of losing their wager. With "risk-free betting," enthusiasts can dive into the excitement of these matches with added confidence and excitement.

To regain access to the funds lost in unsuccessful bets, the bettor must pay close attention to the rollover rules provided in the FAQ section of the betting platform. It is crucial for the bettor to familiarize themselves with these guidelines in order to recover the lost money and resume their betting activities with confidence. By adhering to the rollover requirements, the bettor can effectively navigate through the process of redeeming their funds and ensure a smooth continuation of their betting experience.

PlayGreen allows withdrawals starting from BRL 75.

"We aim to provide players with a risk-free betting model, ensuring they can enjoy themselves without any concern about losing their investment," stated Marcos Araújo, CEO of PlayGreen, in an interview with Games Magazine Canada.

PlayGreen is a Canadian sports betting platform headquartered in Toronto and Montreal. With a workforce comprising over fifty percent of Canada's labor force, the company is dedicated to providing specialized service to the domestic audience.

Access to the betting house is only possible through mobile devices. The novel risk-free betting option is now accessible to new customers.


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