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Best online slots – Finding the best slot games in Canada

Hello, friend. It’s TheGambleDoctor! I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about online slots and ways to maximize your winnings when playing. Slot casinos come in various shapes and sizes and finding the best online slots among numerous options can be very stressful. The best online slots are mostly determined by certain factors and we’re going to talk about them all.

On this page, we will also talk about all the different slot game versions available and highlight slots with the highest jackpots and payouts. Also, we have added a list of the best online slots in Canada. Our selection process includes vetting casinos with the most popular slot games in order to find the best offers for you. It will also interest you to know that our list of recommended brands are licensed and regulated. This should help you make your CAD$ deposits with an absolute peace of mind.

Start enjoying the best online slots today by selecting any of our endorsed online slot brands. Good luck!

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Find the best slot games at these casinos

Canada online casino

Different slot game versions

Online slots vary in different ways. Unlike conventional slot machines, you will find that game themes change all the time. They get updated on a regular basis in response to popular trends. So, if you are a huge fan of a popular TV show, chances are that there are online slots modelled after it.

Additionally, every game is not designed with the same number of wheels. Some have more wheels than others, as well as new features, and payout rates. All these add variety to gameplay and keep things interesting. Also, you may likely not find all your favourite games on the same website. Each online casino site offers different types of games to punters. This is to ensure that there is always a new experience for punters at every online casino they visit.

3-reel slots

3-reel slots are the simplest form of online slots game. They are slots with three vertical sections. Inexperienced punters tend to gravitate more to 3 reel slots because it helps them understand how the game works much faster. They are easy to grasp, and also have fewer number of symbols.

5-reel slots

The most popular casino slot is the 5 reel slots. It has over a thousand game options. It is a favourite among players as well as software developers. This slot game has 5 reels with symbols on each of them. When gamers place a bet on a 5 reel slot, it is to determine which symbol will randomly stop on the screen. If it happens that three or more identical symbols align on a straight line, then it is a winning bet.

Video slots

These are slots that are played via a screen. The player sits at the slot machine and conducts his gaming activities right on the screen. This type of slots has grown in popularity today because gamers can access them from anywhere in the world. As long as there is a strong internet connection, playing video slots online will continue to attract punters.

3D slots

These are video slots that are designed to have a 3D image. The images have a more improved appearance compared to other games. Playing 3D slots makes the game appear more realistic. 3D slots are created to be as engaging as possible so that gamers can have an immersive gaming experience with them.

 Progressive slots

Progressive slots are slot games with a progressive jackpot. The jackpots keep on increasing with every bet made by each gamer until someone wins it. Once this occurs, it resets and begins accumulating again. Progressive slot games are linked across different casinos, resulting in an increase in jackpot by the minute. Progressive slots games can turn you into a millionaire within seconds. One highly coveted progressive jackpot is the Mega Moolah. Its jackpot amount runs into millions of dollars.

 Mobile slots

Mobile slots offer you the opportunity to enjoy slot games on your smartphone device. Whether you are on the move or not, you get to play slot games anywhere. They are also designed to run on either the Android or iOS platforms. Mobile slot games have been optimized to fit your mobile device screen perfectly. Some bonuses are available only on mobile slots and those using a desktop computer will not be able to access them.

 Mega spin slots

This is a slot bonus offered to new players at an online slot casino. It usually comes in conjunction with other casino bonuses. For example, when you register with an online casino, you will be awarded a deposit bonus. In addition to that, Mega spins will be given to you. The higher your mega spins bonus, the higher your chances of landing wins. With Mega spins, you can earn real money and you get to keep them. You only need to fulfill the wagering requirements of the bonus to withdraw your cash.

 Multi-payline slots

These slots have more than one win line. Gamers have the choice to select the number of lines they wish to play. They can also bet across a fixed number of paylines. With more paylines available, the winning chances of gamers increase. They get to cover more betting options each time they play.

4 ways to maximize your winnings on Canadian slots

Discovering the best ways to maximize your winnings on Canadian slots is not so easy. Online slot machines are well-known for their randomness, this makes it more challenging to accrue winnings when playing free online slots. However, you can increase your chances of winning by following these four steps listed below.
Estimated time needed: 00:08 Tools needed: Computer or list Supply needed: InternetMoneyLuck online slots rtp
Check the RTP A well-grounded knowledge of payout percentages is the first step towards increasing your chances of winning online slots. Pay-out percentages are the potential returns available on a game. Some games have little pay-outs. It could be as little as 75%, while in other games, the pay-out could be as high as 99%. You can be rest assured that our endorsed brands at all have pay-out percentages towards 98%. Step 1 licence casino
Find some reviews of games Even when you are not looking, the Internet will advertise a host of online slot websites to you. By simply reading the opinions of others about the online slots you find interesting, you can make deductions concerning its reliability. This can save you a lot of stress and disappointment. If you come across a site with a lot of positive reviews from different people, chances are they are right―you can expect to win big at such site. After coming across such information, you can double-check with us at thegambledoctor. Step 2 no license casinos
Manage your money Managing your budget is a vital skill if you wish to succeed in online slots. This actually goes beyond not blowing through your bankroll. It has to deal mainly on wise spending and choosing only the most profitable online slots to play. To manage your money, it is wise to set a budget for yourself. Some casino sites offer deposit, betting and time limits to help players to stay in their budget. Setting up limits is one of the secrets of successful online slots players. Step 3
Cash out at the Casino
Cash out in due time Lastly, be time conscious. The longer you play slots online, the more you open yourself to mistakes, which will eventually lead to losses. Stopping for the day or at least taking time-outs is a good idea. On the other hand, sometimes the shorter your game session is, the more wins you accumulate. In essence, know when to exit the gambling platform. Step 4

Best progressive slots

Progressive slots offer the highest reward any slot fan can hope for. While the chances of actually winning the jackpot are very slim, it is not impossible. Hitting it big in millions of euros, dollars or pounds is literally a spin away.

Best progressive slots canada

Progressive Mega Moolah

Biggest jackpot payout: € 18,915,721.

Average period: 8 weeks, 3 days.

Average payout: £7,310,654

Average daily increase: $10,000

Where to play: JackpotCity

Progressive Mega Fortune

Biggest jackpot payout:€17,860,868

Average period: 10 weeks, 3days.

Average payout: €3,999,945

Average daily increase:€5,000

Where to play: 888 Casino

Progressive Joker Millions

Biggest jackpot payout:€7,831,370

Average period: 20 weeks, 2 days.

Average payout: €2,941,127

Average daily increase: €2,000

Where to play: LeoVegas Casino

Slot features

Online slots have gained recognition and fame over the last couple of year. Software providers are actively pushing the boundaries by creating slot games that have more than 5 reels, complex bonus rounds and features, hundred of paylines and lots more.


The best way to describe wild symbols is that it shares similarities with a joker in a deck of cards. It can be used to complete a winning line by substituting for any other symbol. Meaning that if you have four matching symbols, together with a wild symbol, on a five-reel payline, you will still get paid. This is because it will appear as if you had five matching symbols. The forms of wild symbols include sticky wilds, stacked wilds, expanding wilds, shifting wilds and cascading wilds.


According to its name, multiplier symbols will increase your winnings by multiplying it by a certain amount. This can either be an X2, X100 or X1000 multiplier depending on the game. Multipliers are applied in different ways. Some function on the normal reels, while others are found on certain bonus games or features.

Free spin the reels

This is a bonus feature that offers players free spins to boost their earnings. The bonus can be obtained in a number of ways. For instance, when certain symbols appear in a row on one of the reels, it can trigger a free spins bonus. This is one cheap bonus players can get on slot games.

Bonus rounds

With bonus rounds, you can play featured games and win extra money in the process. It comes in various forms. Players can get awarded bonus games if they line up certain symbols on the reels. Some of the bonus rounds require skill to play, while others are totally random. Some have complex video graphics, while others feature simpler graphics.


This is sometimes referred to as the best friend of a slot player. This is because it does not play by the rules of slots. In the game of slots, the player must line up certain symbols on a payline to win. However, scatters can appear anywhere on any reel and still earn you a win or a free spins bonus. As far as slot games are concerned, scatters are one of the highest paying symbols.


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Strategies for slot games

Outsmarting online slots may be impossible, but there are still ways you can better your chances of winning. There are strategies used by top slot players to win on online slots and we will reveal them to you below.

Potential slot strategy 1

Ensure your bankroll lasts as long as possible. Online slots in Canada are so much fun and can even be addictive. So, it is possible to blow through your deposit within a short time. Begin your gameplay with small denominations. As your winnings increase, you may go ahead to increase the amount you play with. Remember that if your risk level is low, you will get to play slot games much longer. This translates to better chances of winning.

Potential slot strategy 2

Determine what you wish to achieve from playing new online slots. If your target is to win the jackpot, then your focus should be on slot machines with at least a $100,000 progressive jackpot. But if all you need is just small to medium size winnings, then let your choice of slot machine exclude progressive jackpot. Instead, go for games with bonus rounds that will guarantee you frequent wins.

Potential slot strategy 2

Choose only the best online slots. Keep an eye out for slots with payouts ranging from 95 to 99 percent. It is worthy of note that slot machines that require $1 and above usually have a 95-99% payout. Data obtained from a statistical research revealed that $5 or higher slot machines have the highest percentage payout range. Beginning at 93.7%, the range goes up to 98.5%.

Popular slot game developers

Software companies, which are vital components of the best online slots in Canada, are usually overlooked. All punters really care about is the security of the online casino, the games collection and how exciting they are. Forgetting that without these companies, the online gaming industry will not be where it is today. With that said, here is a rundown of the top five software providers of the best online slots.

IGT Interactive

Best known for its land-based Casino slot machines, IGT (International Game Technology) has one of the most regarded online slots software. Some of its titles include Cleopatra, Family Guy and many more.


This is an Irish-based software company that was co-founded in 1996 by two brothers in their parents’ basement. Some of its game themes are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. To ensure fairness and compliance with industry standards, Cryptologic is regulated by TST and eCogra.


This company was founded in 1996. However, its software launch came at a much later date, precisely in late 2000. Its games can be played across various platforms like mobile devices and PCs. Some of its popular slot games include Starburst, Golden Grimoire, Fruit Case and many more.


This company was the first manufacturer of online casino software. It began operation back in 1994. Today, it has over 600 game titles including slots, Video Poker and Roulette.


Playtech is the leading software company today, in terms of innovation and forward-thinking. It has its own Bingo software, MoBenga, poker platform and iPoker platform. Its games are over 400 in number and they include slots, table games, Live Casino and Poker. online casinos

Slots with no deposit bonuses

You can play free slots online even with zero CAD$ in your casino account. This is made possible by online slots no deposit bonuses. Players who newly sign up on an online casino are first in line to enjoy this bonus. Remember, you do not need to make any deposit to claim this offer. This online slots bonus is quite beneficial to punters―it lets them play Canadian online slots without risking their personal money.

Additionally, free online slots no deposit bonus lets you get acquainted with the casino and test run their slots games on offer. Lastly, all winnings gotten with the no deposit bonus is all yours. All you have to do to withdraw them is to satisfy the wagering requirements. Online slots no deposit bonuses are of two types, free spins and free cash online slots bonuses.

Newest slot casinos

Slot games for the mobile

Desktop computers have made way for mobile devices to carry on the torch of casino entertainment. Today, most punters prefer to play games on their mobile devices because of the comfort it provides. All you need is a steady Internet connection and you are good to go. Software providers have now optimized their games for mobile play. These games are compatible with the two main mobile platforms, Android and iOS. Simply visit their respective online stores and download your favourite mobile slots. Some of the popular mobile slot games are DaVinci Diamonds, Cleopatra and Golden Goddess. The beauty of playing slot games on your mobile device is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.

If you are looking for the best mobile slot casino, then you are in luck. has a list of the top mobile slot casinos on the market. Check it out and make your pick.

Best mobile slot casinos

Frequently asked questions about slots

Which casino has the best slots?

With literally hundreds of casinos in existence, finding the one with the best slots can be difficult. However, our team of experts at thegambledoctor has discovered that JackpotCity has the best slots. Its payout percentage is also on the high side at 97.84%, thereby adding to its allure. 

Which slots are the best?

If you are not an experienced player, selecting the best slot game can be tricky. Some of the things to look out for are how attractive the bonuses are. Also, the jackpots should be considered to determine which slots have the best pay. has a list of the best online slots you can check out. They include: 

  • Wizard of Oz (95.99%) 
  • Mega Fortune (96.40 %) 
  • Thunderstruck II (96.65 %) 
  • Avalon II (97%) 
  • Wheel of Fortune (96.6 %) 

Is it possible to beat the slots?

No. However, what is possible is the ability to increase your chances of hitting it big when playing online slots. Online slots operate under the principle of fairness for all users. This is actually an advantage rather than a downside. 

Every operation of online slots is anchored on a random number generator. Whenever you engage the slot reel, the online casino apportions a random number and a symbol to you. This is to ensure you have a realistic slot experience. 

And so, slots are unbeatable, not by any punter. All you can do is to adopt a working strategy that will best position you for wins. 

Are slot games a fraud?

No, they are not. Credible online casinos cannot tamper with the payout percentages of their games. They are constantly monitored for malpractice and if found wanting, they will be severely penalized. No casino operator can risk losing their license over such irregularity. However, this does not negate the fact that there are bad eggs in the gambling industry. So, to be absolutely sure about playing slot games at a regulated and fair online casino, simply choose any from our list at and rest easy. 

Are there any differences between normal slot machines and online slot machines?

Online slots, or video slots as they are also known, are more beneficial compared to traditional casino slot machines. Unlike the classics, you stand a better chance of enjoying higher payout percentages. This is a direct effect of the ongoing online casino competition. With hundreds of online casinos seeking your patronage, you can be sure to find better odds on the internet. 

You can also go ahead and claim the online slot promotions that are regularly on display. These include but are not limited to free spins and welcome deals. All the casino sites we recommend at thegambledoctor are serious about players’ privacy. They go the extra mile to safeguard your payment information and ensure your gameplay on their platform is fair. 

How can I find the greatest bonuses for slots?

By simply browsing our list of recommend online slot casinos.Our aim at thegambledoctor is to guide you to the most trusted online casinos in the CA. With our advice and tips, you will never get it wrong. Furthermore, our list will protect you from dishonest online casino platforms, ensuring that you only sign up for reputable casino brands. 

Keep checking with us to stay abreast of the best deals in the CA. Visit our website regularly, read our articles and you will never miss out on any offer or promotion. With thegambledoctor, your casino experience can only get better. 

Where can I find free slot games?

Online slots real money websites are all competing for your attention. That is why they roll out the big guns in the form of huge deals. For every slot game you come across, there is a possibility for you to play it for free. With a variety of promotions at online casinos, there is no end to the number of free games you can play. 

One of such offers is the no deposit bonus. Lots of online slot sites entice gamers with the offer, promising them a certain number of free spins. This is a real offer and with it many punters have been able to grow their bankroll. You don't need any deposit to access it. Simply sign up for an online slots website and the deal is yours. 

It is even possible to register with multiple online casinos and enjoy their bonuses. You can use the opportunity to get a feel of the casinos and decide whether you should proceed with them or not. Fortunately, thegambledoctor has made the decision easier for you. Our carefully selected list of casino slot websites is made up of the most trusted gambling platforms in the business. In addition, they offer sizzling deals that allow you play slots for free and rake in cash as well.  

What is a random number generator and what does it do?

A random number generator (RNG) is a program code or a complex mechanism that makes use of the MD5 algorithm. It is deployed to oversee the operation of online slots. It is used to ensure that every casino game is played with total fairness. With the RNG, foul play is eliminated from casino gaming. Its application is mainly focused on games based on random match such as Slots, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack etc.  

What different themes can I find for my slot games?

In addition to the different number of reels and paylines, online slots also come with amazing themes. These themes are used to enhance spinners and make them even more enticing. Here are the top themes available for online slots: 

Movie Slots 

Their concentration is mainly on entertainment. With impressive features, graphics and animations, these slot games have come to be players' favourite. Some of them are Jumanji, The Hulk and Planet of the Apes. 

Asian Slots 

One way to identify Asian slots is the gold color. They are extremely showy with features like golden dragons and gilded banners enveloping the reels. Its jackpots are worth up to 250,000 coins. Some of its top titles are The Ninja and Fortune House. They have RTPs as high as 96% 

Fruit Slots 

Software developers use these slots to stir up nostalgic feelings in gamers. In some fruit slots, fruits are used as support for the main stars while in others they are the main objects of play. Some classics of fruit slots are Lady Luck, Fruit Shop and Berry Burst. 

Egyptian Slots 

This theme is present in most online casinos. It is based on ancient Egypt. Just like its Asian counterpart, it also comes well decorated. Things like beetles, pyramids and scarabs all make up its designs. Many online casinos adopt this theme for their game collection. One favourite game with this theme is Book of Ra. 

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