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Greyhound races – simple and complex types of bets explained

Dogs and humans are friends for thousands of years and it looks like nowadays they manage to offer us races that have become widespread throughout the entire world. Greyhounds are often used in these races because they can run at great speeds and they can bring us significant winnings.

If up until a while ago people used to bet on horse races because they were used to them, in the near future things will slightly change. More and more bettors prefer dog races in the detriment of horse ones. Dog races have not always been known to the public, it is said that this is a sport appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. It became legal in most countries, even though it is more popular in ones than in others. Because dog races are similar to horse races, it did not came as a surprise for bettors to see that the bets between the two are almost alike. Let us look at the types of bets available.

In greyhound races there are simple bets and also complex ones:


  • Simple bets:

Win – the dog you bet one came on the first place

Place  – choose a dog and you win regardless it comes on the first place or the second

Show – the dog you bet one comes either first, second or third, as long as he is on the podium, you win

It is obvious that the profit is bigger when you choose the winner of the race, but this bet is harder to predict.


  • Complex bets:

Besides the fact that they are called complex bets, these bets offer you the possibility to bet on several dogs and on different races.

Combinations – these are bets placed on 3 or even 4 dogs, in the order you believe they will turn out.

Daily Doubles – there are bets in which bettors choose the winners of the first two races of the day; the bets are placed before the beginning of both races.

Jackpots –usually, the bettors chooses 6 dogs that will win different races, this brings a huge winning.

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