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Handball betting tips 12.11.2014

Wednesday on the 12 of November 2014, we have a full day in handball with a lot of matches in the most powerful championships in Europe, like Bundesliga, ASOBAL League, Leaguea 1 or the one in the Scandinavian peninsula. Also, in Romania National League we will see 6 pretty interesting matches for the bettors.

Our tip suggestions

D1 France >>> Chambery Savoie vs Dunquerque >>> Dunquerque wins

The derby of the stage 9 in 1st French league is the match between Chambery Savoie and the champions Dunquerque. Chambery rank 6 with 9 points, while the guests rank second at 3 points margin, also being in an excellent shape, after 6 consecutive victories. Even though Chambery managed two important victories against two of the championship best teams, PSG and Nantes, they will have a pretty difficult match, because their opponent is superior to them at many levels, like the team play and experience. Dunquerque’s best player in this season start is Baptiste Butto, with no less than 52 goals out of 72 trows, and his excellent shape will definitely make the difference in this match. Also, the goalkeeper, Vincent Gerard, author of 14 great saves in the last stage against PSG, which they won 27-26, will definitely be one of the players on which the team will rely on for another victory.

Odds: 1,76
Chance: 10/10

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Germany Bundesliga >>> Flensburg Handewitt vs Gummersbach >>> Flensburg -6,5

The European champions, Flensburg Handewitt, have an easy match on their own pitch against Gummersbach, a team which hold a position at the middle of the rank, which normally, can cause problems for the hosts. A pretty weak start of the season for Flensburg, they obtained 3 defeats already, out of a total of 11 matches played, but in the last stages the team managed to get close to their real shape. With Holger Glandorf and Anders Eggert in really great shape, who scored 120 goals together this season, we bet on a match at the hosts’ hand, which in the last two matches played against Gummersbach won every time at a minimum of 8 goals margin, 24-32 and 35-23. This time also their value will have something to say in this match, and at the end the margin will be pretty big in Flensburg’s favor.

Odds: 1,92
Chance: 9/10

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Romania National League >>> HC Odorhei vs Municipal Calarasi >>> double chance X2

Newly promoted, Municipal Calarasi is the revelation for this season, being on 3rd in the rank with 18 points, while Odorhei rank 6 at 3 points margin. With a really experienced coach, Aihan Omer, Calarasi managed to win against two of the best teams in the championship, Turda and HCM, while Odorhei will definitely have a really tough match, especially because they are in a really bad shape, without a victory in the last 4 stages. Alin Sania is by far the best player of Calaras, which have many experienced and valuable players, like Gavriloaia or Soldanescu. Odorheiu lost in the last stage in Bucharest, against Dinamo, 33-23, while in the previous 2 matches on their own field they ended the matches in a draw, 23-23 against Suceava and 27-27 against Bacau. We bet on a new great match from Calarasi, which we believe that they will obtain at least a draw.

Odds: 2,35
Chance: 8/10

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