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Handball preview Spain vs Denmark

Tonight, starting with the hour of 18:15 will find the new world champion from male handball, the national team of the hosting country, Spain, will play against Denmark.

Spain has the chance of becoming for the second time the best team of the world, the first trophy being won in the year of 2005. On the other side, Denmark has the chance of winning the first world gold, after in 1967 and 2011 they conquered the argument.

In this match we will see some important duels. The gatekeepers Niklas Landin and Arpad Sterbik, the side players Anders Eggert and Hans Lindberg from the Dane team and Thomas Victor and Albert Rocas from the Hispanics or the defenders Viran Morros and Kasper Nielsen will play an interesting game. The most interesting duel will be, though, the one between the coaches, an the benches staying two legends. The Hispanic Valero Rivera is the most successful trainer from the world, winning 70 trophies, all with Sport Club teams. A success today will crown almost four years of work for the national team of Spain. On the other side we have Ulrik Wilbek, a trainer that received this Thursday from IHF the prise for the best coach of the year 2012. In case Denmark will win, Wilbek will become the first world champion, together with a male and female team, he lead the danish team of girls to a triple victory ( the World title, the European one and the Olympic one) in the `90. In 2008 when he lead the the national male Dane team to the European Title, he became the first coach that won the Olympic title both with male and female teams.

In the semi-finals, Spain won against Slovenia with 26-22. The best player of the Hispanics, in this match, was Joan Canellas with five goals in six throws. Arpad Sterbik managed a good percentage, 41%. The game of the Danes in the previous match, against Croatia was easier. Before the break the Scandinavians were leading with three goals, doubling their advantage to the end, 30-24. Anders Eggert scored twice in the match with the Croatians, while Jesper Noddesbo scored five. Niklas Landin had a successful intervention percentage similar to his opponent, mainly 41%.

Wilbek declared that the chances of this game are 50%-50%, complimenting the Spanish team. For Rivera, Denmark is the favorite team in the final, regardless the fact that they have the advantage of the fans from Palau Sant Jordi from Barcelona. Rivera considers that the team that will make the fewest mistakes in defense and the team with the fittest gatekeepers will decide the winning of the trophy.

In the last four years, Spain has won only a single game against Denmark, a friendly match. The previous match taking place at the Olympic Games, last summer, Denmark winning with 24-23

Spain – Denmark prediction: Over/Under 52.0 goals >1.80

Argumentation prediction: If the Danes have offered us games with many goals, in this tournament, the matches with the Hispanics, most of them being with few goals, excluding the training with Australia (51-11), but the game in Egypt exceeded 52 goals. The difference between the two teams is not a significant one and in the conditions that the game will be an equilibrated one, it is going to be even harder.

Spain – Denmark sport odds:

  • Final Outcome: 2.55 8.00 1.83
  • The number of goals (Over/Under 51.5): 1.86 1.83

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