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How and where can you play poker for free and win money?

“How and where can I play poker for free and win money?” – this is the question that many beginners in the filed of online poker ask.

When you are only a beginner in this field of online poker, it would be ideal to practice first in freeroll tournaments offered by the poker rooms. In these tournaments the entry is free and the money you win can be withdrawn without other conditions.

The only problem that you may face when playing freeroll poker tournaments (no entrance fee) is the patience. Most of these tournaments have a high number of participants and not that large prizes (100-200 Euro shared among the first ranked). In time, with patience, you can obtain a decent bankroll, winning constantly. Plus, in almost all tournaments of this kind, the first places are pretty good rewarded, considering the fact that you payed no entering fee. The main purpose of these freeroll tournaments should be to initiate most players in the mysteries of online poker and if you can win money along the way, even better.

The second aspect we want to present you in this article is about the places where you can find the best tournaments from which you can win some free money.

The first website is FullTiltPoker.com. Here you have freerolls each hour with prizes both in cash money and admission tickets to other tournaments (with buy-in), where the prizes are significantly larger. This way you can end up playing tens/hundreds of Euro without depositing, playing first in qualifying freerolls and then in main tournaments.

Another online poker room where you can play freeroll tournaments is PokerStars.com. Most free tournaments found at this poker room are with qualifying tournaments to other super tournaments. You have the chance to play without paying anything against people that pay tens of Euro for buy-ins.

These are the two online poker rooms we recommend you to play freeroll tournaments at.

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